The Most Frighteningly Creepy Thing You’ll See All Day

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The Most Frighteningly Creepy Thing You'll See All DayBe warned. Once you watch the following video you will NEVER be able to unsee it. It will haunt you throughout your day and send you sweating and screaming into the night. Think you have the guts? Get ready to be scarred.

Sometimes you just have to wonder what people were thinking when they create certain things. Below you’ll find a video for the vintage children’s toy Baby Laugh-A-Lot by Remco which was released in the 1960’s. Never mind Chucky, his bride or his seed. Talky Tina? Yeah, not creepy at all but this friggin’ thing? Keep it away. Keep it far away. To make matters even worse the terrifying toy isn’t even the creepiest thing in the commercial. It’s the little girls themselves who are reminiscent of the famed Shining twins. Dear lord, make it go away…

Here is your chance to turn back. You probably should. No really, go.

Still here? Then suffer with the rest of us!

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.