Evil Dead Fan Sound-Off: Tell Us What YOU Think!

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Evil Dead Fan Sound-Off: Tell Us What YOU Think!Fede Alvarez’s Evil Dead is in theatres now, and we want to hear what you thought of it! So yeah, readers, this one’s for you! Don’t be shy! Speak your mind in one of our two comments sections below. This will be stickied until Monday morning. Let’s hear it!

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In the much anticipated remake of the 1981 cult-hit horror film, five twenty-something friends become holed up in a remote cabin. When they discover a Book of the Dead, they unwittingly summon up dormant demons living in the nearby woods, which possess the youngsters in succession until only one is left intact to fight for survival.

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  • LifeMi

    No, Brad is right; this film is trash and a disgrace to the series. I’m stunned so many people on the forums like this shit.

  • Didn’t See It Coming

    Saw it. Loved it. The acting and dialogue were pretty bad save for Jane Levy and I wish the climax was slightly less over the top but it was a total blast once Hell broke loose.

    I seriously have to wonder what wound up getting cut because the level of gore was infuckingsane. I want the MPAA members who rated this to go back in time and re-rate Friday the 13th Parts 2-4.

  • Legba

    Really disappointing, although I should have expected as much. One of the things that worked so well about the original was its sense of at once being authentically familiar, and other worldly estrangement of location that carried a genuine air of isolation/dislocation.

    Here the woods seem too deliberately composed as to almost be sound stageish other worldly and very little else. I believe the film was primarily shot in New Zealand with American actors, not a good choice.

    Everything in the new film is telegraphed if not through product of image giveaways (the vine sequence), then through excessive dialog exposition. It’s not the ubiquitous dismemberment that destroys, but it’s now fire, burial, and dismemberment that purifies (we’ve seen this mindset before). And yes there is a Catholic theme of guilt-punishment in Alvarez’s film, that feels like it was desperately trying to capitalize the latest exoricism fad with attempts at gravitas of character, whereas Raimi’s film plays to a wildly free flowing use of caricature, as if the deep dark corners of man’s domain needed more regulatory, explanatory, moralistic rational and reasoning, wiping clean functional chaotician.

    The less is more, bare bones and ram shackled, simplicity argument here has possibly never been better illustrated. The woods and cabin in the original feel truly alive as an organic juxtaposition of natural and supernatural. The new film feels staged and one note, even though the gore is over the top, lacking a hyper dynamic that leaves it flat and mundane. When the new Evil Dead isn’t being over written to suffocate the imagination, it’s sound design (aside from the siren like wailing I liked that) and orchestration, down to the generic melancholic piano accompaniment does the job. Even the Book of the Dead seems reduced to an almost banal witchcraft with little Lovecraftian dimension (a terrible missed opportunity).

    The spfx are more gruesomely sick and realistic, but certainly don’t have, to use a child euphemism, the gooey, squishy, and squeamishness quality of the original. In a nut shell you can’t bottle the grotesque atmospheric delirium of the first film. Alvarez’s film, as far as modern horror goes, you could do worse. But whatever worse entails I’m not dying to see it right now…


  • Screamz

    I thought it was one of the best remakes in a very long time. Enough gore to satisfy the most die-hard gorefiends. Though, I could have done without the pointless prologue. Better to keep some things in the shadows and let the audience figure them out then spill them in the opening minutes. Other than that, a great, great film. Bring on Evil Dead 2…

  • elric300

    I thought it was good.

    It struck a balance between still tying into the older films while appealing to a younger audience not as familiar with the series.

    The script is weak. I really didn’t buy the drug abuse angle which seemed as if it was there to just get everyone to the cabin as it could have been exploited to much better use. But it also doesn’t dwell on any one thing too long, so it’s weaknesses fly by pretty fast.

    However,I thought Fede Alvarez directed the hell out of it, with swooping cameras, including the trademark camera zooms through the woods, and no holding back on the blood, either. Plenty of one line references to the first two Evil Dead films, all of which go by pretty quick. Unfortunately, the dull, dark, look that modern directors love is here as well, but it’s somehow less annoying although it makes the blood look slightly purple in one shot.

    The score by Roque Baños is excellent. Very similar in tone with the first movie, and very cinematic as well. The cast does a good job, especially Jane Levy. And once things get going, it’s pretty relentless. I did have a technical issue with how a possessed person is treated, the word Deadite is oddly not heard here. It was…convoluted. And there’s a terrible pre credits scene that looked like it came out of a Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie, throws off the rhythm at the beginning and also sets up a weird half baked, subplot that goes nowhere and serves no real purpose. Sound design is excellent. It’s a very layered mix, and does a great job at establishing atmosphere right from the beginning.

    There’s also none of the last 2 EVIL DEAD’s humor here. This is pretty straight up horror. Not perfect, but it is effective. The preview audiences here are usually polite but one can usually hear very quiet laughter or joking, usually. There was Dead…Silence during this.

    Far from perfect, but better then expected, fits in well with the series, while appealing to a younger audience. Who, undoubtedly will be more scared.

  • MonsterMash

    Well there were some continuity issues, and the tree rape scene was laughably goofy, but the rest was pretty good. It had some new ideas that were not too bad. I’d love to see the original cut. 4/5.

  • kiddcapone

    Very good remake, not great. One of my biggest issues is the complete lack of the Evil Dead Deadite look. How do you know someone is possessed? Oh, they all have the same greenish contact lenses. Whoopdie doo. And apparently any damage done while a demon disappears after they are human again? The girl burned herself in the shower and sliced her tounge in two, yet after she returned from being buried, her face didn’t have a scratch on it.

    Also, they dumbed it down wayyyyy to much. It was the Necronomicon for idiots version with cliff notes written on the pages. The vulgarity and personal information the possessed kept spewing sounded more Exorcist than Evil Dead. Worst of all, it felt like each scene was just executed without much suspense or build-up. You never get the sense the demon is toying with them or torturing like what happened to Ash. It felt rushed.

    Young kids will LOVE this movie. It is balls to the wall and fun. Us old fucks that grew up loving the originals will not be as easily impressed.

    I had such high expectations for this that I’m probably being too harsh on it, because I did have a good time with it, I just couldn’t get past some of the bonehead dialogue or story choices they made at times.

    Evil Dead – 3.5 / 5

    • LSD Zombie

      I agree on every point. It really did feel like Linda Blair in the Woods. I really wish I hadn’t watched the damn red band trailer; because once again, it gave away all of the great gore gags. If Fede Alvarez’s intent was to make a serious horror film, he failed miserably. The people in my theater were laughing their asses off.

      I missed the classic, exaggerated make-ups from Evil Dead 2. These Deadites were fucking dull. And for whatever reason, they made the same clicking sounds that the Predator makes when he’s stalking his victims.

      • Chunklemcdunkle

        I feel like a lot of people were laughing because they were used to watching and laughing at the other two evil deads.

        He was trying to make a serious flick, to me. Maybe a little humor here and there, but to me the reason people were laughing is because they were expecting another ridiculous evil dead.

      • MonsterMash

        My theater got a big mix of laughs and screams. I was somewhere in between. I did enjoy the movie a lot though.

  • DavidFullam

    A couple of minor quibbles, but impressed overall.

  • Brad McHargue

    It’s pretty awful.

    • MouthForWar

      No it isn’t.

      • aliensharkboy

        Well that’s all sorted then.

        • Diavolo

          No its not.