In Honor of Roger Ebert – A Look Back at Some of His At the Movies Horror Reviews

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In Honor of Roger Ebert - A Look Back at Some of His At the Movies Horror ReviewsIt’s a crying shame that Roger Ebert will never get to see and review the upcoming films that are just screaming for his critque. However, that doesn’t mean that we cannot take a look back at some of his views on several much beloved horror films.

Below you’ll find several videos that offer both Ebert’s and Gene Siskel’s views on some legendary flicks via their “At the Movies” TV show, which was a bible for a lot of the film critics of today. Included below you can see his and Siskel’s thoughts on the original Evil Dead, Poltergeist, Misery, John Carpenter’s Halloween, Candyman, Carnosaur, Jaws, Shocker, Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Chapter, Critters, Hellbound: Hellraiser 2, and Aliens.

We miss you already, Roger. Watch and enjoy!

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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  • Screamz

    Agreed with him or not, his reviews were always fun to read and watch. Kinda fun seeing these old reviews. Now I’ll have to watch each and everyone of them as I own all of them. And give them all a thumbs up…

  • kiddcapone

    I forgot how much of a pussy Gene Siskel really was. How can you review a horror film and say, I don’t like gore, I don’t like blood, I don’t like stabbings, I don’t like children in peril, I don’t like monsters on the attack, etc. He hated Evil Dead, didn’t understand Poltergeist, didn’t like Aliens, thought the worst thing about Candyman was Tony Todd…then he gleefully gives a thumbs up to Carnosaur. Amazing.

    • MonsterMash

      Yeah…. One does not simply diss Aliens and then go onto praise Carnosaur. I love Roger Corman but the Carnosaur films aren’t anything special.

  • aliensharkboy

    I was really looking forward to his review on The Evil Dead remake 🙁

  • MonsterMash

    I don’t always agree with the guy, but he was a good reviewer.

  • Terminal

    He’ll be very sorely missed. He and Jess Franco departing on the same day is horrible.