David Morrissey Returning to The Walking Dead as a Season 4 Regular

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David Morrissey Returning to The Walking Dead as a Season 4 RegularAnd here it is, kids! The first news story pertaining to the upcoming fourth season of “The Walking Dead,” and if you haven’t watched the Season 3 finale yet and aren’t quite sure who David Morrissey is, you just may want to skip this one.

For everyone who is up-to-speed… THR reports that the Governor will return on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” as Morrissey will be back when the zombie drama comes back for a fourth season in the fall.

In the Image/Skybound comics on which the show is based, the Governor fails to survive the brutal showdown at the prison with Rick. But hey, there’s no question that Morrissey played the character to the nines, and when you have a villain this good, you may want to keep him around for a while. Look at Darth Maul for instance. He was arguably the best new character from that abomination of a new Star Wars trilogy. When he died after Episode One, everything good died with him. We’re glad the Governor is coming back to sow more evil. What say you?

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The Walking Dead

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  • LSD Zombie

    Andrea’s death is the only positive thing to come out of the finale. I was expecting a bloodbath during the prison siege, instead we got jack shit. I was hoping that maybe The Governor would come back to steal Rick’s baby; I guess that would’ve required clever writers.

  • will graham

    The season finale was anti fucking climatic. I dunno what happens in the comics but the show seemed to be really leading up to a battle that just didn’t happen.
    I was expecting it to be like the first time the gov invaded the prison.

    The finale third of this season (with the exception of Rooker ep last week) has felt flat compared to the rest of the season.

    • will graham

      and when you think about it, all the regulars they’ve killed this season (except Rooker) are the ones that people disliked the most. Need to be more unpredictable with the killings or this is gonna become a soap opera.

  • Terminal

    Season three finale was excellent. The show has its first major villain, and from what I read, they always planned to keep him from season three and on season four as well. The ending of the show was a major Darth Vader Star Wars thing. He attacked, he failed, he was shooed away, and he will be back with a vengeance soon enough with a bigger ally, we can assume. I loved season three and I hope we get to see more carnage in season four.

  • Sirand

    I’ve been a staunch defender of the show since day one, but that finale was inexcusable and reeked of AMC meddling. I’m glad The Governor will return but I’m creatively worried about the show’s future now.

    • Masked Slasher

      This is probably the beginning of the end of this show.

      Like you, I defended the show aggressively since the beginning.

      But last night’s finale was such a slobbering mess. Not only narratively speaking, but thematically as well.

      • Terminal

        The finale scored record ratings. Again. Anyone praying for this show to end will have to sit on their hands and wait. Hah.

        The good thing is this season will decide the real fans from the latchers on and will go on based on that.

        It’s baffling how even fans of the show seem to root for this series to fail and be cancelled and even derive pleasure when it falters in terms of story. It’s pretty ridiculous.

        The Governor and the prison arc was always going to last two seasons, they announced it after the end of season two. People are pretending this is a news flash all of a sudden. The Governor was always going to be a two season villain as the writers planned more for him.

        The finale ended on a warm and somber note. I don’t know why people wanted a bloodbath for a villain who was going to come back for another season.

        I for one am in it for the long haul.

        I foresee at least eight seasons coming from this series. Can’t wait.

        • LSD Zombie

          Who’s to say we couldn’t have seen major losses during the finale while still allowing The Governor to make a sneaky getaway? This finale was positively limp compared to the previous season finales. I hate to say it, but I think the TV Tyrese is going to be as weak as TV Andrea in the long run. I hope I’m wrong though.

          • Terminal

            What major losses could they have had? Carol, Carl, Rick, Glenn and Maggie’s arcs are still worth visiting, Michonne was just introduced and is not going anywhere, Daryl will likely go when Reedus decides, Hershel still has a purpose, and they just introduced Tyreese and his sister.

            The finale had major losses. Hello? Andrea? Milton? The Governor slaughtered an entire group of people in cold blood and people are still bitching? Christ.

            I hope TV Tyreese gets as much love and consideration as Daryl has, but we’ll see in the long run. The show has a knack for botching some characters and acing others. They’ve done excellent jobs with Glenn, Lori, Maggie, Hershel, Michonne, Rick, and Carl. The Governor is also an excellent villain.

            People won’t be happy until Rick is bouncing off of walls fighting walkers with kung fu while draped in black leather with two hot models.

          • aliensharkboy

            That last part sounds pretty fucking cool to me.

          • LSD Zombie

            Andrea and Milton major losses? Lol, that’s a good one! I would have preferred to see The Governor’s soldiers get shot down or eaten at the prison, not by his own hand; even if it did make him look that much more psychotic. The episodes featuring Morgan’s return and Merle’s demise both topped this latest snooze fest.

          • Terminal

            Lol, pure semantics. The show is here to stay, which is what I got off of the finale. It’s why the kept many things wide open, so if people don’t like it, they could move on the ever growing Resident Evil movie series. It has flashy explosions and stuff! I’ll stick with The Walking Dead.

          • LSD Zombie

            So you’re implying that I’m not a true fan because I didn’t like one poorly written episode? That makes perfect sense. I’m not rooting for the show to fail. However, the show does deserve better writers and a bigger per episode budget.

        • Masked Slasher

          I’m referring to the end of it, quality-wise.

          And as I said, I’ve been defending this show from the beginning. I don’t WANT it to turn into junk. But last night’s episode was inexcusable and if that’s a sign of things to come like I fear it is, then …

      • aliensharkboy

        I completely 2nd that up with all my heart. I feel like they knew I was watching this show and did the only things they could’ve to make me pissed off and upset with it… GRRRR! Peace out Andrea! You were always my favorite.