Fight The Good Fight in This Preview of Cult Episode 1.06; Synopses for Episodes 1.07-1.09

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Cult Season 1We’re a bit disappointed in “Cult” so far, but since we’ve been a fan of Robert Knepper since his “Carnivale” days, we’re holding out hope that things will improve so we can keep seeing him on a weekly basis.

If you concur, here’s everything you need to know about what’s coming up on the show over the next four weeks:

“Cult” Episode 1.06 – “The Good Fight” (airs 3/29/13, 9-10 pm)
OBBA BABATUNDE (“DAWSON’S CREEK,” “THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS) GUEST STARS IN THE EPISODE — Skye (Jessica Lucas) collapses the morning after the “Cult” fan party, suffering a serious reaction to the drug she was slipped. The doctors urge Jeff (Matt Davis) to locate a sample of the drug so they can find a way to reverse its effects in order to save Skye’s life.

Detective Sakelik (guest star Aisha Hinds “Weeds”) arrives at the hospital but refuses to help. Jeff suspects that the drug might be hidden at her place so he takes matters into his own hands.

Meanwhile, inside Skye’s hallucinogenic state, Billy (Robert Knepper), Kelly (Alona Tal), and Skye’s father, Quentin (guest star Obba Babatunde), encourage Skye to give up and stop searching for the truth.

Martha Coolidge directed the episode written by Megan Lynn and Wade Solomon .

“Cult” Episode 1.07 – “Suffer the Children” (airs 4/5/13, 9-10 pm)
BRIGID BRANNAGH (“ARMY WIVES”) GUEST STARS IN THE EPISODE — E.J. (guest star Stacey Farber, “Degrassi: The Next Generation”) slips Jeff (Matt Davis) a copy of Sakelik’s (guest star Aisha Hinds, “Weeds”) police personnel file, which reveals that Sakelik was taken into custody by Child Protective Services 25 years ago after being found with other abandoned children at a house in Arrowhead.

Jeff and Skye (Jessica Lucas) locate the house and question the owner, Annabelle (guest star Brigid Brannagh “Army Wives. Sakelik tracks Jeff and Skye to the house, and they barely escape with their lives.

Stuart (guest star Jeffrey Pierce, “Alcatraz”) continues to befriend Roger (Robert Knepper). Meanwhile, on the television show, Kelly (Alona Tal) finds a lock of Meadow’s hair in the trunk of Billy’s (Robert Knepper) car.

Nathan Hope directed the episode written by Megan Martin.

“Cult” Episode 1.08 – “The Devil You Know” (airs 4/12/13, 9-10 pm)
ERICA GIMPEL (“NIKITA,” “VERONICA MARS”) GUEST STARS — Jeff (Matt Davis) and Skye (Jessica Lucas) struggle to find evidence against Sakelik (guest star Aisha Hinds, “Weeds”) to use as leverage to gain information on Nate.

Stuart invites Roger (Robert Knepper) to a weekend getaway at his Santa Barbara estate. Skye has lunch with her mother (guest star Erica Gimpel), and the two discuss the past.

Meanwhile, on the television show, Kelly (Alona Tal) strikes a deal with Billy (Robert Knepper) to get her sister Meadow back.

Marita Grabiak directed the episode written by Hans Yobeason.

“Cult” Episode 1.09 – “Off to See the Wizard” (airs 4/19/13, 9-10 pm)
THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME — Jeff (Matt Davis) and Skye (Jessica Lucas) learn about a new initiates meeting of the True Believers. Skye plans to infiltrate the meeting with Jeff following close behind.

While Skye and her fellow newbies are being driven to the meeting location, Jeff unknowingly follows a decoy vehicle. Meanwhile, on the television show, Kelly (Alona Tal) suspects that Billy’s (Robert Knepper) followers kidnapped Andy (guest star Christian Michael Cooper).

Thomas Wright directed the episode. Story by Craig Gore and Tim Walsh and teleplay by Steven Rae.

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