Bruce Campbell Talks Evil Dead 4 or Army of Darkness 2 or Something Like That

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Bruce Campbell Talks Evil Dead 4 or Army of Darkness 2 or Something Like ThatWhile doing press for the upcoming release of Evil Dead, The Chin, aka Bruce Campbell, had some choice thoughts pertaining to a proper sequel to the original trilogy of films. Read on for the latest.

The reception to this movie [Fede Alvarez’s remake] has been pretty good so far so it encouraged Sam and I to go, ‘Well crap, maybe we should dust the old chainsaw off. If this movie helps us make another Army of Darkness – Army of Darkness 2 – then so be it,” he tells Empire Online.

That being said, Army of Darkness actually has two endings, and Campbell would prefer to take up arms for the alternate one. “I would think the post-apocalyptic [ending] because it gives great possibilities for an Omega Man movie and who he might be fighting against. It would be a very interesting world. But I’m fine either way. I’m sure Sam will concoct some ridiculous story and an outrageous journey so I don’t really care where it starts and ends. The fun thing is working again with Sam Raimi. That’s the only reason to do these incredibly difficult movies – [to] work for a guy who you really like working with and who you respect.

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • aliensharkboy

    Oh, so a real sequel idea isn’t dead yet?! The fact The Chin wants to carry on from the alternate ending rocks as I’d always thought it would make a fun sequel.

  • jkincer

    Is the first time BC has actually said anything positive about the concept of Evil Dead 4? To my knowledge he has always responded with a smart ass answer to the effect of being to old? Sounds like to many cogs are turning on this story to just be bullshit.

    Since I haven’t seen the new ED yet, Uncle Creepy can you say for sure that this is just a remake and not just another Evil Dead story that works in the established timeline? So many conflicting stories and rumors about that…

    • Uncle Creepy

      Well that’s an interesting question… I mean it’s certainly a remake but it could very well take place in the same kind of universe as the original films… just a lot later. It stands on its own and is undeniably an Evil Dead movie. It really is just that well done.

      • jkincer

        It just seems that Fede Alvarez doesn’t like calling it a remake and shuffles around the term, combined with so many little details from the original showing up in the stills it was beginning to feel more like Evil Dead 4. Either way this is the first time I’ve been excited about remake/reimagining/reboot/recycle in at least a decade.

        • Terminal

          I’d probably get banned from junkets but if I ever heard him or another director use the term “rebirth” in place of remake or reboot, I’d probably throw something at them. Ugh,

  • Rottenjesus

    Finally, a reason to be happy with the remake.

    • Uncle Creepy

      You’re gonna have more than enough reasons to be happy with the remake, dude.

      • Rottenjesus

        I’m checking it out next weekend so we will see if it gives me Raping Tree wood or just a limp severed hand job. There is no middle ground!