Blue Underground To Give Us Snuff In High Definition

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Blue Underground To Give Us Snuff In High DefinitionBlue Underground has been absent from the high definition game for over a year now. It’s no secret that declining physical media sales have probably played a part in their reduced output, and their return to the Blu-ray arena is something of an odd choice.

Blue Underground will be releasing the notorious grindhouse “classic” Snuff to Blu-ray this year. For those of you who don’t know, Snuff was originally called Slaughter – a lousy film from husband/wife filmmaker team Michael and Roberta Findlay. When Slaughter‘s producers deemed it unreleasable, they shelved it while searching for a way to recoup costs. Finally, producer Allan Shackleton decided to cut the film’s ending off and replace it with a “real” sequence of an actress being brutally murdered behind-the-scenes. Hence, Snuff.

The film’s legend grew, and soon it was picketed, protested, and talked about everywhere. It’s not very good, but it’s an essential piece of 70s exploitation cinema.

I don’t know why Blue Underground, having been dormant for so long, would choose to release Snuff of all things. Outside of it being a curiosity piece, it’s hard to imagine very many people chomping at the bit to own it. Unless, of course, some new extras will be produced that chronicle the film’s fascinating history. Hopefully, that’s the route Blue Underground is taking as it’s hard to picture a bare bones disc (like their 2003 DVD) being of much interest.

Do you think this film warrants the HD treatment? Would you drop the cash to add this to your collection? Or are there other Blue Underground titles out there you’d much rather see them release to Blu-ray? I thought The Nesting was an interesting acquisition for them a few years back. I was hoping for some more titles like that, but it seems Shout! Factory has been beating them at their own game of late. Here’s hoping Blue Underground can come back in a massive way. Their Zombie Blu-ray is still one of my all-time favorite HD releases.

Blue Underground To Give Us Snuff In High Definition

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