Twilight Time’s Blu-ray Release of The Blob Remake Taking Shape

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There’s good and bad news for everyone who has been waiting for the 1988 remake of The Blob to make its way to Blu-ray. The good news is that it is coming soon. The bad news is it’s coming by way of Twilight Time, which means you’ll have to act fast or miss out.

I hate having to say Twilight Time releasing a movie many have been clamoring for on Blu-ray is a bad thing, but with their business model you’re guaranteed a few things:

– It’ll retail for about $30.
– It’ll be limited to only 3,000 copies.
– It’ll probably sell out very quickly.
– Copies on eBay will then sell for big bucks.
– The disc could very well be bare bones.
– If you hesitate, there’s no telling if or when it will ever get another Blu-ray release.

So that’s the bad news.

The good news, though, is that Chuck Russell and Frank Darabont’s great, gooey, gory 1988 remake of The Blob starring Shawnee Smith and Kevin Dillon will be getting a much deserved Blu-ray release in the very near future. Twilight Time has yet to announce exactly when that release date will be or on what date the mad rush to pre-order this title begins before they inevitably sell out of the 3,000 allotted copies. We’ll keep you posted.

Since I know I’ll be one of those pre-ordering this title, maybe I won’t keep you posted and that way I’ll have a better chance of securing a copy before it sells out. Hmmm… Quite the dilemma.

Twilight Time's Blu-ray Release of The Blob Remake Taking Shape

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  • Kahotep

    I’ll blame you anyway if I don’t get one…

  • kiddcapone

    I’ll do what I should have done with the Fright Night Twilight Time Blu Ray…buy 2 and put the other on Ebay, so basically I’ll get one for free and possibly make cash on top of it.

    • Masked Slasher

      Not a terrible strategy.

      Honestly, this licensing agreement was such a stupid move on Sony’s part. Clearly, they’ve got to be kicking themselves when a movie like CHRISTINE sells out of 3000 copies in a single afternoon. Although some of the demand is based solely on how limited these editions are, which is a pathetic reason to own a movie.

      At the end of the 5 year agreement with Twilight Time, you watch, some of these titles will be released via Sony.

      It’s already happening in Germany: some of Sony’s Twilight Time-licensed titles are being released on the Sony label. Nothing genre-related, yet. But I’m sure it’ll happen.