The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.13 – Arrow on the Doorpost

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The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.13 - Arrow on the DoorpostAfter last week’s successful weapons run on “The Walking Dead”, we know both groups are gearing for an epic all-out war. But before then, Rick and the Governor are trying to reach for a peace agreement.

This episode entitled “Arrow on the Doorpost” is written by Ryan C. Coleman and directed by David Boyd.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap with specific details from this episode. Continue only if you have already watched it.

Rick, Hershel and Daryl arrived in their car and on motorbike, respectively, at an abandoned farm, and after navigating through the farm with their weapons at hand, Rick and the Governor met face-to-face inside a barn at what looked like a pre-arranged meeting. “We have a lot to talk about,” said the Governor while Rick just stared. At least Rick didn’t aim his gun at the Governor like all his other interactions with strangers.

Actually, Rick did point his gun at the Governor after the opening credits, but the Governor volunteered to remove his weapon and sat at the table. Sneaky Governor had a gun taped to under the table!

Outside, Daryl scoped out the area on foot and met up with Hershel, right before Andrea, Milton and henchman Martinez drove up. Andrea joined Rick and the Governor inside. She was the one who arranged the meeting, but both men were still suspicious of each other. “We’re here to move forward,” said the Governor, smiling suspiciously. Wouldn’t he have made a great slimy used car salesman if the zombie apocalypse didn’t happen?

Back at the prison, the group was preparing for a firefight. Merle suggested a siege to kill the minimally-protected Governor since they have all that firepower. Of course, no one would agree to put Rick, Hershel and Daryl in a crossfire.

Andrea tried to preface that she knew both men as honorable, but the impatient Governor cut her off. Rick suggested that they draw a boundary at the river, with Woodbury taking the east side and the prison group taking the west. The Governor was amused. He was there only for Rick’s surrender and got a rise out of Rick then. When Andrea tried to mediate, she was shushed and asked to leave, which she did dejectedly.

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Returning from commercial break, Rick, acting all lawyerly, conversed with the Governor about his responsibilities and Merle’s actions. The Governor shot back with Rick’s own mistakes and baby Judith. All of a sudden, the Governor announced that he had whiskey. Rick just looked incredulous.

Milton tried engage the folks outside in their own negotiations. He had recorded all their past encounters as history and Hershel appreciated the idea. Before Milton could show Hershel more, they heard some walker noises and Andrea, Daryl and henchman Martinez went to investigate. Before the two men could start one upping each other killing walkers in a funny bit, Andrea worked off her frustrations by dispatching one close with only a small knife. During their post killing smoking break, the two men shared their disappointed expectations that nothing would be resolved that day.

Meanwhile, Milton was fascinated by Hershel’s leg amputation experience. They bonded over scientific experiment and Hershel’s stump.

Back inside, the negotiations weren’t moving along much. The Governor suggested that if they both follow their current path, total annihilation on both sides is imminent. The Governor even regaled Rick with a story of when he lost his wife, causing Rick to choke up and take a sip of his whiskey. Do you have a feeling that story wasn’t real?

Back at the prison, Merle packed a bag of weapons and tried to go attack the Governor but Glenn refused to allow it. They ended in a scuffle with Maggie and Michonne joining in to try to subdue Merle. All of a sudden, Beth shot a gun in the air that ended the fight. Maybe now we can start seeing Beth fighting instead of singing?

Hershel tried to comfort Andrea, who just learned about Maggie’s suffering at the hand of the Governor. While Andrea didn’t want to return to Woodbury, if she chose the prison, she would’ve chosen a side.

Back at the stalemate, neither Rick nor the Governor would budge. The Governor, however, as he took off his eye-patch, revealed that he wanted only one thing that would end their deadlock: Michonne. Should we believe him?

Merle tried to convinced Michonne to join him on his assassination caper. He even had a call signal for Daryl ready from their hunting days. Even after laying out his plans, Michonne turned him down. Meanwhile, Maggie and Glenn found another private spot now that they have lost access to the watch tower.

The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.13 - Arrow on the Doorpost - Daryl and zombie

The Governor gave Rick two days to consider his terms. If the Governor gets Michonne, Rick gets his river boundary plans. And with that, both parties left.

Back at Woodbury, the Governor sneakily directed his henchmen to prepare for a fight. Milton was surprised at his plan for a slaughter. All the while, the Governor openly lied to Andrea about his amicable terms negotiation with Rick.

Back at the prison, Rick told the group that they are going to war with Woodbury because the Governor wanted the prison. When Hershel confronted Rick alone later, Rick admitted that he had a choice – to give up Michonne – but he did not trust the Governor. Rick was also worried if fight was the right choice. Hershel suggested that Michonne had earned her place with the group. Rick was hoping that Hershel could talk him out of this.

Is the scene now set for an all-out war next? Will Andrea return to the group soon? Who else will we lose next (you know someone always bites it during battles)?

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