Dark Harvesters Rejoice!

Dark Harvest 3! Finally!You wanted it! You demanded it! You got it! Dark Harvest 3: Scarecrow, baby! Oh, yeah!

Lionsgate knows that all you Dark Harvest fans out there have been demanding more cornfield-themed terror from your favorite non-Children of the Corn/Scarecrow cornfield-themed DTV franchise. Ask and they shall deliver!

“In the backwoods of Tennessee, an age-old curse resurfaces and takes revenge on a group of young kids on a weekend getaway at the family cabin. In 1921, the wicked James brothers plotted the murder of an old witch who lived up in the hollows in order to steal her land. As the hour came, she realized what was going to happen and on her terrifying deathbed, made an effigy of a scarecrow and cursed their family forever. Now, 60 years later, grandson Brett James decides to take a group of friends up to the hollows on a vacation, he has no idea that the deadly curse is still alive – and has been waiting to exact revenge…”

Oooh, I bet that curse involves a killer scarecrow – and probably a cornfield too.

Continuing Lionsgate’s ever popular trend of snatching up indie horror productions with similar concepts as previous Lionsgate DVD releases and then re-titling the film for market as a name-only sequel to their similarly-themed film, the film the world will know as Dark Harvest 3: Scarecrow is actually a no budget slasher flick called Skarecrow that was made two years ago. The film currently boasts a startling 8.7 on IMDB’s User Rating scale despite not featuring any actual user comments from anyone who has actually seen it. That can only mean that this is a shockingly good horror movie that has somehow completely slipped through the cracks and has only been viewed by a tiny handful of people that are still keeping mum on the film’s greatness or members of the cast and crew have IMDB accounts. Hmmm…

We can all find out how good or bad it is when Lionsgate releases this newest sequel you’ve all been waiting for to the DVD franchise you all know and love, Dark Harvest 3: Scarecrow, on November 21st. Mark you calendars, “Dark Harvesters” (official fandom name coined by me just now!) because this year Thanksgiving comes two days early for you!

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