Jason Christopher on the 5 Films that Inspired Nobody Gets Out Alive

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This week up-and-coming indie filmmaker Jason Christopher’s latest, Nobody Gets Out Alive, arrived on DVD everywhere courtesy of Image Entertainment. Since it’s a film we’ve been covering here on Dread Central since the very beginning during Indie Horror Month 2011…

…when it went by a different title, we thought for the home release we’d switch things up a bit.

With Nobody Gets Out Alive, Christopher crafted a modern homage to some of the greatest slasher flicks we all grew up loving so to celebrate his directorial debut, we asked the writer/director to name five classic horror films that influenced him as a life-long horror fans as well as his work on Nobody Gets Out Alive.

Read on for all the classic horror goodness straight from Christopher himself!

Black Christmas (Original): Let’s start this list off right and talk about my favorite horror movie of all time, Black Christmas. No- not that 2006 remake but the original 1974 Black Christmas, the one with the gorgeous Olivia Hussey and Lois Lane (Margot Kidder). Don’t get me wrong; the remake had a ton of beautiful women in it…but there’s something about those 70’s chicks.

This movie was the last movie to scare the shit out of me. For my 16th birthday my Dad and I went to Best Buy, and after years searching, they had it on DVD. I definitely got that present, and it was the best! I watched the movie at nine at night before bed because of school the next day, and at the end I found myself jumping up out of bed and shutting my closet doors. I was petrified! Not only was the acting totally on point, but the killer is never revealed and for 39 years there’s still no clue who the actual killer was. Billy? Who is Billy? It was appreciated what the remake tried doing, and that was cool and all, but I liked the whole blindness to it; that stuck more with me! Bob Clarke set the world of horror to a whole new level and inspired so many filmmakers.

For Nobody Gets Out Alive, I took the whole element of Black Christmas and wanted that incorporated in my movie. The feel of that movie, the graininess and in the original Jess Bradford is pregnant while Michelle in my movie has a kid. I like to take elements from Black Christmas and always incorporate them in any script that I write.

The Prowler: The Prowler is such an awesome movie, and I’d have to say that it’s probably Tom Savini’s best work. This was a movie that I would watch on repeat as a kid- it’s such a fun revenge flick and the F/X look so realistic. That’s where I was heavily influenced by the realism for NGOA; all the kill scenes were meant to be realistic, from the way the blood pours out to how much blood pours out. When the girl gets in the pool? I still watch that scene thinking they really just killed someone, ha ha. The F/X are great.

Friday the 13th Part 3: Friday the 13th Part 3 is without a doubt my favorite of the franchise. This movie was on repeat when prepping for NGOA, and to me it’s just the first Jason flick. He gets the mask; he’s not rocking that weird sad attempt of a mask either- the sack. This one is fun. Jared in NGOA is pretty much my Shelly. He’s talented but annoying and nobody really wants him and stuff, but he’s a cool dude. The best is the Blu-ray for this movie…you see every scratch/dust mark on the lens.

Halloween II (Original): I’m a fan of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II as well, but I was watching the original a lot while making NGOA. I still watch this movie a lot, and in my opinion it’s the best hangover, lay in bed movie. I love this movie so much that I completely rip off a scene in NGOA; when Hunter lifts Michelle in the air, that’s just me saying “Hey” to Halloween II when the nurse is getting lifted in the air by Michael. The chase scene between Michael and Laurie in the hospital has to be the one of the most intense scenes ever; when she’s trying to get the elevator doors shut and stuff- c’mon!

Hatchet: Hatchet is the only movie I watched that would be considered a modern horror movie. I really dug what Adam Green was doing by making a throwback flick. That whole movie in its entirety wrapped around NGOA, and that’s what I wanted to do. He set it up differently by having it be a swamp tour instead of camping, but if it were camping, it’d be the same as all the others. There’s no CG, it’s a really fun movie and I really liked what he did for Hatchet II and I’m extremely stoked to see was BJ does for Hatchet III.

Exclusive: Writer/Director Jason Christopher on the Five Films that Inspired Nobody Gets Out Alive

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