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More on What's Ahead in American Horror Story Chapter 3Chapter 2 of “American Horror Story,” known as “Asylum,” came to a hugely satisfying ending last night, and already fans are looking ahead to Chapter 3. Ryan Murphy spoke with EW and shed a bit more light on things.

When asked if we’ll see people from both Chapters 1 and 2 in the upcoming season, Murphy said, “A mixture of both, and then I’m meeting new people. I’m meeting new actresses. I’m meeting some really cool people. I think the story is good and so far has attracted a great interest from people because of what it’s about, which is fun.

Can he tell us any more about the third season? “No. I start meeting with the writers on Monday. I’ve talked to them about what I want to do, and everyone loves it. I want to flesh it out a bit before I announce it. I have like six nominees for the word. You know this year the word was “asylum.” I’m trying to figure out which is the best one.” Do the actors have an idea of what’s coming up? “No. And believe you me, they have all called. I mean yes, they know. To get Taissa [Farmiga] to come back, I had to pitch her the whole idea. So some people know. But some of those actors don’t want to know til they read a script.

Speaking of Taissa, who’s in talks to return, is she part of that “younger romance” we heard about already? “Yes. There’s a romantic element. I think the whole season I want to be funnier, romantic. But make no mistake; just when I think it’s gonna be a little lighter, I find this great, true-life character that’s the most horrible woman ever created.

And that character is the main villain? “Um, kind of. I think Jessica is going back to be in that Constance-vein. She’s gonna go back to her evil roots, Jessica Lange… I want constant makeup, gowns, and a full-on blow-out for every scene!

Any teases about the location? “This one will be shot on location in three different cities in the country. I should just say that it’s American Horror Story: Bret Easton Ellis, and the whole thing is set in his mind. Wouldn’t that be brilliant? Maybe that’s Season Four.

Lastly, we couldn’t sing the praises enough of Alfonso Gomez-Rejon, who directed the “Asylum” finale among a few other episodes. Will he be returning to the show? “Yes, Alfonso is going to be our producer/director so he will be directing a lot of them. He will be working with me to really create the look of what we’re doing. What we’re doing is more ambitious than what we’ve ever done.

And that’s all we know so far. If you’re curious to learn more about the “American Horror Story: Asylum” finale itself, be sure to hit the EW link below.

For more visit the show’s Facebook page along with “American Horror Story” on FX.

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