New Godzilla Details Rise to the Surface

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We’re all waiting breathlessly for Legendary Films’ new take on Godzilla to start stomping, and the good news is we’re getting close. So close that some new details have hit the interwebs that give us an idea of where the plot is going.

CHUD reports that the promotional arm of Warner Bros. just wrapped a webinar detailing their upcoming slate for advertisers. Most of it [was] fluff, though a few things regarding WB/Legendary’s upcoming Godzilla reboot got [CHUD’s] source’s attention. In the meeting the following was 100% confirmed:

  • The film will feature more than one monster, confirming that two new monsters will also be wreaking havoc – this in addition to the big green guy.
  • Warner Bros. made it clear that their interpretation of the material “follows the story of a soldier” and is “way different” than the Toho Godzilla films.

    The site goes on to say that even when Frank Darabont does his rewrite of the script, the above factoids will still remain intact. The film will be directed by Monsters helmer Gareth Edwards and has been dated for a May 16, 2014 release. Stay tuned for more.


    New Godzilla Details Rise to the Surface

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  • Steve Barton

    You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

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    • DavidFullam

      “We’re all waiting breathlessly for Legendary Films’ new take on Godzilla to start stomping,” We are?

    • MonsterMash

      Hmmm….. This doesn’t sound like a fun monster mash. GMK already did the whole anti-war thing. Guess they never saw that. Maybe it’ll be a found footage movie found by aliens from a soldier’s helmet cam.

    • Rottenjesus

      That’s the thing that bothers me the most. This shouldn’t be a “found footage” Godzilla film at all. I understand they want to make it somewhat more realistic in the sense of the devastation that Godzilla and various kaiju cause during their battles but I think that they’re going about it all wrong.

      The storyline should be that an American special forces soldier, having survived an encounter with a new monster on American soil, is sent to Japan when that monster appears there. The soldier then works alongside the other members of Japan’s Earth Defense Force. Mind you, in this version of the story, the Toho Godzilla movies serve as continuity/inspiration so this soldier (as well as the audience) gets an education in the various kaiju and alien invaders Japan has dealt with over the years.

      Then of course the movie will climax with the new monster, a cyborg version of King Ghidorah (who are both being controlled by aliens) versus Godzilla and the EDF in downtown Tokyo.

      Of course, this new Godzilla movie won’t be half as exciting as what I just wrote.

      • MonsterMash

        You could be right, but you also pretty much summed up GvKD. However, if they brought back Kiryu or MG3 to fight alongside Godzilla somehow against two other monsters, that could be great. However, I don’t see Godzilla getting along on friendly terms with anything. It’s a very delicate formula to make a good Godzilla film.

        • Rottenjesus

          This is definitely true. I am glad there will be other monsters in the film besides Big G in any case.

          As much as I’m hyped for this movie, I’m going to keep my expectations low.

          • MonsterMash