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The Ultimate Scream

Most Anticipated Movie
Green Lantern -- Presenter: Blake Lively -- Accepting: Ryan Reynolds

Best Fantasy Movie
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- Presenter: Rosario Dawson -- Accepting: Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone

Best F/X
Avatar -- Accepting: James Cameron

Best Director
James Cameron - Avatar -- Accepting: James Cameron

3-D Top Three Award
Avatar -- Presenter: Don Cheadle -- Accepting: James Cameron & Producer John Landau

Scream Heroine Award
Sigourney Weaver -- Presenter: James Cameron -- Accepting: Sigourney Weaver

Best Horror Actress
Anna Paquin -- True Blood -- Presenter: The Vampire Diaries stars (Nina Dobrev, Paul Westley & Ian Somerhalder) -- Accepting: Anna Paquin

Best Horror Movie
Zombieland -- Presenter: Sarah Silverman -- Accepting: Bill Murray wearing Ghostbusters costume. Standing ovation ensues.

Best TV Show
True Blood -- Presenter: Marilyn Manson -- Accepting: Alan Ball

Most Memorable Mutilation
The Human Centipede (First Sequence) -- Presenter: Eli Roth -- Accepting: Not Present

Best Horror Actor
Alexander Skarsgård -- True Blood -- Presenter: Kelly Osbourne -- Accepting: Alexander Skarsgård

Best Worst Movie
Piranha 3D -- Presenter: Troll 2 Actors

2010 Comic Con Icon Award
Ray Bradbury (not present)

Best Fantasy Actress
Kristen Stewart -- The Twilight Saga: Eclipse -- Presenter: Thomas Jane -- Accepting: Kristen Stewart

Best Comic Book or Graphic Novel
The Walking Dead -- Presenter: Jon Bernthal and Sarah Wayne Callies -- Accepting: Author Robert Kirkman

Holy Sh!t Scene of the Year
True Blood - Twisted Sex -- Presenter: Rainn Wilson -- Accepting Stephen Moyer

Best Comic Book Writer
Geoff Johns -- Blackest Night, Brightest Day, The Flash, Green Lantern -- Accepting: Geoff Johns

Best Villain
Mickey Rourke -- Iron Man 2 -- Presenter: Megan Fox -- Accepting Mickey Rourke

- Uncle Creepy

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