Exclusive: Dread Chats with Mirrors 2 Director Victor Garcia and More!

Having survived a buffeting Southern electrical storm en route from Los Angeles to Baton Rouge, this writer touched down in Louisiana on December 14 of 2009 and, following a rather eerie stroll through a seemingly abandoned airport and a ride with a cabbie whose previous fare had been arrested, arrived unscathed to the set of the then-shooting feature Mirrors 2.

With the written-by Matt Venne (White Noise 2) and directed-by Victor Garcia (Return to House on Haunted Hill) flick to debut this Tuesday, October 12th, at Screamfest LA (you can purchase tickets here) and set for a DTV release October 19 through Twentieth Century Fox, we thought it high time to bring you our chat with Garcia and co. as well as some stills from the set.

A sequel to the 2008 Alexandre Aja-helmed film Mirrors, the sequel stars Nick Stahl, William Katt, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Lawrence Turner, Stephanie Honore, Christy Charlson Romano, Jon Michael Davis, Evan Jones, Wayne Pere, Lance E. Nichols, Ann McKenzie, and Jennifer Sipes and revolves around the character of ‘Max Matheson’ (lead Stahl), a recovering addict, who takes a job as a night-time security guard job at his father’s department store and then begins to see visions of a young woman in the store’s mirrors. Unsure whether his visions are side effects of his prescription sleeping pills or actual reality, he begins to look deeper into the source of the images in the mirrors, and when employees of the store turn up dead and he subsequently becomes a suspect in those murders, he must expose the ghostly girl’s connection to a scandal within the department store’s walls in order to prove his innocence and put a stop to the supernatural rampage.

Exclusive: Dread Chats with Mirrors 2 Director Victor Garcia and More!

Filming at Boudreaux & Thibodeaux in the heart of Baton Rouge (a mixed-used space, part jazz club, part apartment housing), Mirrors 2 at the time was knee-deep in F/X shots (severed legs and heads were in abundance with KNB’s Kevin Wasner and Alex Diaz on hand to bring the grue, returning from the first Mirrors to again provide the gore).

I think this one has a lot of good gags in it,” Wasner told us during a balmy 2AM rainstorm from a second-story gallery, “but what’s different about this one is there are a lot of gags where we are mirroring visual effects with our effects, which I think is the way to go nowadays. We feel like with just practical that a lot of times it can be limiting, in hiding blood tubes and morphing heads onto things, and so in this film in particular we’ve been mixing in a lot of digital (with the practical), and it’s been working out really well. A lot of the time makeup effects guys are all, ‘Man, it’s gotta’ be only makeup effects,’ and digital guys are all, ‘Man, digital is the only way to go,’ but I think digital and makeup guys really need to learn to work together (in order) to make it happen, and that’s what we are doing here.

We had only three weeks to prep for this one, which wasn’t much,” said Diaz of their time for practical FX pre-production, “but we got everything here, and we have a couple of great decapitations!

Dread accompanied Wasner and Diaz to set (that particular sequence involved some horrific shenanigans in the cramped quarters of one of the building’s apartments above), and sure enough, the blood flew, with actor Jon Michael Davis suffering a particularly gory slash of his Achilles tendons. Other grisly shots followed, although we’ll keep those on the down-low so as to not spoil Mirrors 2’s ‘money shots.’

Exclusive: Dread Chats with Mirrors 2 Director Victor Garcia and More!