Exclusive: The Dowdle Brothers Talk Devil / First Word on New Project, The Coup

Part of the challenge in making Devil a roller coaster ride for fans was relying more on the setting itself rather than the extreme gore and violence we saw in Quarantine.

Drew said, “With Quarantine, once the mayhem hits, you know the rest of the movie is nonstop tension. But Devil is a different kind of animal so we decided we wanted to toy with audiences a bit because once they feel like the danger has passed, something new is ready to hit them hard.

It was a fun challenge to make the elevator a visceral experience for audiences, which is not an easy thing to do,” John explained. “We tried to not shoot the same way twice and we did a lot of shots from the POV of each of the characters in that elevator, and I think that really puts the audience right inside the elevator alongside them to see what these characters are seeing. We wanted the elevator itself to feel like it was evolving with the story and as the storyline gets darker and darker, so does the space. It was almost like having another character in the film.

With theatrical genre films having an uneven year at the box office, Dread Central asked the Dowdles if they had any big concerns with their impending release. John was quick to point out that it's not just horror that is struggling theatrically these days. “It seems like every couple of months people are quick to declare that horror is dead, but that’s just never the case. The reality is all genres are struggling theatrically right now, and the bottom line is if you have a good story that can connect with audiences, then you will succeed. I really think we have that with Devil, and I think there’s an audience out there that will connect with this story.

With Devil’s release set for this week, the Dowdles are looking toward the future with their latest script they’re collaborating together on called The Coup.

The Coup is an intense thriller with some horror elements in it. It’s about an American family stuck in Cambodia in the midst of a political coup that starts executing Westerners and their attempt to escape the country before they are killed. It might be the most intense thing we’ve ever collaborated on because of the subject matter,” said Drew.

Both John and Drew said even though they’d love to try their hand in all genres of filmmaking, horror will always be their home. “We grew up watching horror movies with our mom and were taught as we grew up that it’s fun to scare people so I think that’s what we’d like to continue doing,” said Drew.

And for both Dowdles, filmmaking will always be a family affair.
John said, “Unless Drew has better plans, I think we’ll always work together. Filmmaking is such a two-person job really so it’s nice that at this point we know how to read each other's minds, and working together really helps when you need someone to help break down the day’s work or someone to just bounce ideas off of. I couldn’t imagine doing it without him.

Look for Devil in theatres this Friday! For more check out the official Devil website and Devil Facebook page.

Exclusive: The Dowdle Brothers Talk Devil / First Word on New Project, The Coup

- Heather Wixson

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