The Walking Dead: Recap of Episode 3.08 – Made To Suffer; The Cast Looks Ahead to 2013

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This mid-season finale of “The Walking Dead” was written by creator Robert Kirkman so you can bet we were left with our jaws agape at the end of the cliff-hanging episode! It was directed by Billy Gierhart.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap with specific details from the episode. Continue only if you have watched it.

A shambling walker in the woods started tonight’s episode. Tyreese dispatched of said walker and joined his group while they were chased by a horde. One woman was bit and when the group reached the knocked down wall of an abandoned building, Tyreese convinced them to let her enter with them out of compassion for her son. The group climbed in and when the camera panned out, the building belongs to a prison.

Back at Woodbury, Andrea was admiring the Governor’s photograph of his family. Andrea offered her help to cremate Mr Coleman’s body. “Woodbury’s starting to grow on you, huh?” Back in his man cave, the Governor let out his walker daughter, Penny. Singing a lullaby, he thought he was calming Penny when he realized that she only wanted the bowl of meat nearby. Frustrated he bound her and locked her back in her cage.

In the captive room, Maggie explained to a beat-up Glenn that she was not violated by the Governor. They shared a tender moment before Glenn broke off the dead walker’s arm and fashioned a weapon for Maggie with a broken radius and ulna.

Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne were scoping out Woodbury’s gate when Michonne found another way in. Inside, the Governor and Merle strategized to take out the occupants at the prison. The Governor suggested that Merle should turn Daryl to their side and decided to get rid of Maggie and Glenn lest Andrea found out about them.

Michonne brought the group into town via the interrogation room. While the group tried to decide next steps, a curious extra came in to be knocked unconscious by the group and gagged.

Back at the prison, while Beth was taking care of the baby Judith, Axel got a little lecherous and Carol confronted him. After learning that she wasn’t a lesbian because of her short hair, he got a little more interested despite her amusement. Will Daryl get some competition?

Maggie and Glenn tried to escape and Maggie was pretty deadly with the sharp walker arm bones. Her dying victim shot off some machine gun rounds as he dropped that alerted the town as well as Rick and his group. Merle overpowered Glenn when Maggie stopped Merle with the machine gun. But it was too late, Merle’s minions arrived.

Rick and the group found Maggie and Glenn as they were about to be executed. With a smoke bomb, they were rescued. Outside, Andrea approached the Governor about the gunshots when they learned from the freed curious extra that external people with guns were in their town.

Rick and the group hid in a building when Michonne disappeared. Glenn told Daryl about Merle and confessed revealing the prison’s location. Rick convinced Daryl to escape Woodbury first instead of looking for Merle.

The Governor and Merle delegated the search party but assigned Andrea to house calls. Despite her protests, the Governor refused to let her join in. Michonne entered the Governor’s apartment and made herself comfortable with her katana drawn.

Rick and the group readied their escape plan with more smoke bombs and a gunfight ensued. Hearing them, Andrea defied her orders and joined in. She only saw Oscar though. The Governor ordered her to get off the streets.

Rick saw Shane with a shotgun coming his way (yes, that was indeed actor Jon Bernthal making a guest appearance). The shooter hit Oscar and Rick took down the shooter. Turns out Rick was hallucinating again as it wasn’t really Shane but another extra. It was too late for Oscar, and Maggie put him down. Why is it that only one black man can be alive with the group at a time?

In the quiet of their prison block, Beth, Hershel and Carl heard a woman’s screams in the distance. Carl decided to go investigate. Carl wandering? Time to take a shot! Carl found Tyreese and his group fighting off a horde and helped.

Michonne heard a sound in the Governor’s apartment and found his man cave. She found Penny’s cage and released her. Even the hardened warrior would melt for a child in chains. Upon learning Penny’s condition, Michonne was about to put her out of her misery when the Governor aimed his gun at her to stop. Michonne positioned Penny as her shield and the Governor disarmed. Michonne was surprised at this gesture but that didn’t stop her from stabbing her katana through Penny’s head.

In a breathtaking fight sequence, Michonne gave the Governor his permanent comic-book look and was about to finish him off when Andrea came in screaming bloody murder with her gun on Michonne. After a short standoff, Michonne realized Andrea’s intentions, lowered her katana and walked away. Andrea saw but ignored the severed heads in the man cave while the Governor cried over his dead walker daughter.

After Carl had led Tyreese’s group to safety, he locked the group in the prison block. Tyreese convinced his group that it was finally safe there and took care of their dead.

At the Woodbury infirmary, Andrea confronted the Governor about his man cave and his beef with Michonne but before she could digest his answers, Merle delivered news that Rick and the group escape out of Woodbury. The Governor was furious.

Outside Woodbury’s wall, Rick, Maggie and Glenn tried to regroup when a bloody Michonne tried to re-join them. Distrusting her, Rick disarmed Michonne from her katana. She let it go willingly? She must be warming to the group! Whether they look for the missing Daryl or go back to the prison, Michonne convinced Rick that they still need her.

In the zombie fight club pit, the now one-eyed Governor started his impression of Bill Pullman in Independence Day before delivering the twist. The Governor accused Merle of being traitorous and brought out Daryl. The crowd is whipped into a killing frenzy while Andrea doesn’t know what to think. The Governor smiled.

Damn! February is so far away…

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  • CBMurphy

    We’re just glad Kirkman’s involved. It saves us some angst vis a vis “it’s not like the graphic novel!” Still, there are frustrations. Like Michone’s willingness to help infiltrate Woodbury, with her wounded leg, and Rick’s lack of trust. We have been impressed that the Governor has “explanations” for things like the Wall O’ Heads and keeping a zombie daughter that supposedly rational Andrea buys. He doesn’t try to be as nice in the novel. It’s fun to guess who lives (and dies) in the novel vs who lives (and dies) in the TV show.

  • chaburchak

    Bill Paxton in Independence Day? You mean Bill Pullman?

    • The Woman In Black

      Name correction made! KW writes these things up so quickly, it’s hard not to make a mistake now and then.

  • kiddcapone

    Once Tyrese showed up, I knew it was over for Oscar. It was like Star Trek when some extra beamed down and you knew it was only a matter of time before they died. Obviously someone was going to get shot during the shootout and since The Walking Dead has a one black guy at a time limit, Oscar was dooooooomeed…..

    I know they want to keep the Andrea storyline going, but it didn’t make any sense for Michonne not to say anything about what was going down.

    But STILL the award for WORST writing decision on the Walking Dead goes to last week. Whoever thought it was a good idea having some crazy hermit still alive is an idiot. The zombie outbreak has been going on for over a year, there’s walkers everywhere, the cabin isn’t far from Woodbury, yet somehow this old fart is unaware of anything? Never went out for food, no one ever went in, Come on…

    • will graham

      Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this about the black actors.
      The woman with Tyrese isn’t going to last long either.

      Overall though this season so far is better than last. Only episode 2 felt like fodder.