Exclusive: Joe Hollow to Direct A Blood Story

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Disciples director Joe Hollow tipped us off to his latest horror feature, A Blood Story, which is slated to go before cameras in January of 2013 in Florida. Read on for word!

Written, executive produced (with Debra Lamb) and to be directed by Hollow (with cinematography by Wolfgang Meyer), the filmmaker says of A Blood Story, “It’s a dark and twisted, blood-drenched love story of sorts that starts with three strangers who meet on their journey to find the truth of an age-old legend, the Fountain of Youth, but they uncover much more. The evil that follows is delved in the deepest of bloody historical secrets, (the Countess) Bathory!”

Appearing in A Blood Story are actors Camden Toy (Disciples), Tawny Amber Young (Nude Nuns with Big Guns), Mark Hanson (Sinners and Saints), Robert Z’Dar (Maniac Cop), Debra Lamb (Disciples), Wolfgang Meyer (The Family), Linnea Quigley (The Return of the Living Dead), Melanie Robel (Disciples) and Tim Hays (Legend of the Red Reaper). Michael J. Schaefer will co-executive produce.

Said Hollow refreshingly of his inspiration for A Blood Story, “I wanted to do something with a lower budget than my previous films. When I got started as a filmmaker, I bit off way too much, took on too many jobs, so on and so forth. So, for me as an artist, I failed my first time out, obviously finding success with my latest films in The Family and Disciples, but it all started with those earlier failures. Indie film allows you to do things you cannot do on bigger budget sets. So the artist in me wants to shoot a film where I can still have some ‘hands-on’ in areas you just can’t take on with a (bigger budget) film like Disciples or The Family.”

“So, after hours of talks with fellow executive producer Debra Lamb, we then set out to write a couple of scripts that we could shoot for $20,000 or less,” continued Hollow. “The script I was working on, A Blood Story, finished first. Designed smartly in so many areas, it allowed us to bring in the talent needed like Camden Toy and Robert Z’Dar. I just don’t want to go backwards visually, and that was the biggest challenge. So we were able to conquer all the ‘must have’ areas. The cinematography will be on the same level as Disciples, but with a different design and lighting style. Wolfgang and I have done a handful of projects together now, including The Family and Disciples, and he is a master of his craft and so much more!”

As for what Hollow feels will make A Blood Story stand out from the pack, “As a whole I feel the script itself is very strong,” he offered. “It’s hard to really discuss the unique elements without giving away too much (of the story), but I believe the film has elements we have yet to see combined with a very original approach. The storyline is deep and unique. In the end the film will offer everything you look for in a horror film, but it should stand alone as far as originality and creativity. I hope the film can inspire others to take a chance with storylines. It’s a risky business, but independent film allows us to take some chances. Deep story and unique elements are almost a thing of the past with horror films, and I don’t believe you need a ton of cash to tell a good story. You need cash to raise the bar, yes, for bigger production design and talent, but you can still make a fantastic indie film for a low budget. A Blood Story I truly believe will be a good example of that.”

Stay tuned for more, and in the interim keep up-to-date with the project at the official A Blood Story website!

Exclusive: Joe Hollow to Direct A Blood Story

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