The Walking Dead: Recap of and an Inside Look at Episode 3.07 – When the Dead Come Knocking

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Now that Rick is finally done with his hallucinations and met Michonne, maybe we will get some ass-kicking tonight? Someone’s gotta go rescue Maggie and Glenn from Merle and the Governor. Tonight’s episode entitled “When The Dead Come Knocking” was directed by Dan Sackheim.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap with specific details from the episode. Continue only if you have watched it.

This episode started with Merle menacing Glenn in a wooden shack. Merle was still upset about that rooftop incident back in season 1. Glenn explained that the group went back for Merle, even T-Dog, but when Merle learned that T-Dog didn’t make it, he grimaced “I hope he went slow.” Glenn still refused to talk even while being tortured. Maggie listened while also tied to a chair nearby.

After the opening credits, we are back at the fence with Michonne surrounded by walkers. When her wound started bleeding, the walkers started to attack her. More katana action ensues but Michonne passed out from her injuries. Carl, who ran to near Michonne, shot the nearby attacking walkers before going out with Rick to rescued her.

Inside, Michonne struggled a little with her rescuers before they were interrupted by Daryl. The group went into the cell block without her and found Carol. Michonne looked in at the teary reunion from the other side of the cell bars.

Rick offered to tend to Michonne’s wound and give her some sundries before sending her on her way. But after a quick scuffle, they learned from Michonne about Woodbury and the Governor and that Maggie and Glenn may have been taken there. And Rick offered up Hershel to take care of Michonne’s wound.


After some torture, a beat up Glenn finally volunteered that Merle and his gang could not fight them because “there are too many of us”. Then he made the mistake of listing dead friends’ names to Merle, no knowing that Andrea already spilled all the beans on Shane, Dale and Jim. “Really? Is that right?” Merle twiddling his imaginary-villainy mustache.

Hershel stitched up Michonne with nary a peep from her while she was eyeing Carl’s gun. After a quick sidebar, Daryl, Oscar, Axel and Michonne were to go with Rick to rescue Maggie and Glenn. While packing up the car, Michonne was surprised to learned that this group cleared out the previously-overrun-by-walkers prison all by themselves.

Rick and Carl finally had their talk about Carl’s euthanizing his mom. It played without much gravity as if Carl got a talking to after putting down a sick pet. “Daryl’s been calling her ass-kicker” said Carl before naming the baby “Judith” after his third grade teacher. What happened to all the other names of dead female friends he suggested before?

The Governor brought Andrea into a secret room where a Mr. Coleman was being tended to by Milton while some 1950s vinyl music played in the background. (Jo Stafford’s “It Could Happen To You” – I shazam’ed it). “You’re doing us a great service” cooed the Governor before leaving Andrea with Milton. After Milton conducted a quick Q&A session with Mr. Coleman, they continued to wait.

Glenn was struggling to get out of his bounds when Merle threw a hungry walker in the room. In a fantastic sequence involve mattress bed springs and broken wooden chairs, Glenn dispatch of that walker. Glenn badass-dom now rivals Daryl!

Milton spewed out some scientific babble while Andrea nodded politely. I did the same from my couch. Mr. Coleman had volunteered to be the test subject for Milton to learn about the human mind when they transformed into walkers. Milton had not seen a transformation before because he “telecommuted to work”. That must be the best excuse for telecommuting ever. “I want to telecommute so I can survive the zombie apocalypse!”

After learning from Merle that Glenn still hadn’t cooperated, the Governor decided try his Clintonian-charms on Maggie instead. Untying Maggie, the Governor ordered Maggie to undress or he’d bring her Glenn’s hand. He scared Maggie by almost raping her but she would not break either. Whoa!

Rick, Daryl, Oscar and Michonne stopped a while away from Woodbury, and continued on foot. The group was attacked by a horde of walkers. Falling back, the group got trapped in a deserted wood cabin where they found a paranoid crazy person. Michonne subdued him with quick stab and they used the body to distract the horde outside the front door while they escaped through the back. The horde tore up the body in bloody gore right before a voice announced KFC as a sponsor and that “fresh is better”. Maybe not the best spot for this sponsor, just saying!


Back at Milton’s experiment, Mr. Coleman died and transformed. Stupid scientist Milton released the restraint and the new walker tried to bite him. Andrea stopped it with a stab in the head.

The Governor and his henchmen brought a shirtless Maggie into Glenn’s room. The Governor knew one of them would talk and he pointed his gun at Glenn’s head. Maggie gave in and told everything. The Governor playfully hushed the crying Maggie in front of Glenn before releasing her. A harbinger of more sadism to come? The Governor was impressed that 10 people took the prison on their own, something that Merle could not do.

Michonne led Rick and the group to near the gate of Woodbury. Inside, the Governor made Merle pledge his allegiance again because of Daryl. Maybe this would turn Merle against the Governor in the future?

Andrea came back to the Governor’s home. “Mr Coleman died” she explained and fell into his arms. Only one more episode left this year!

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