Exclusive: Q&A with Paranormal Activity 4 Co-Star Aiden Lovekamp

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He may only be seven years old, but up-and-coming child actor Aiden Lovekamp still managed to deliver a majorly creepy performance as youngster Wyatt in Paranormal Activity 4, which premiered last month in theaters everywhere.

In this third sequel we meet Wyatt and his family as they deal with a strange neighbor boy named Robbie (Brady Allen), who comes to stay with them after his mom is rushed to the hospital. Once Robbie arrives, strange things begin happening, which has sinister effects on everyone around him, including Wyatt.

Dread Central recently had the chance to chat with the precocious actor about his experiences working on PA 4 and heard more about how he got involved, whether or not he was scared at all while making the movie, and what’s coming up next with him.

Exclusive: Q&A with Paranormal Activity 4 Co-Star Aiden Lovekamp

Check out our exclusive Q&A with Lovekamp below!

Dread Central: How did you get involved with Paranormal Activity 4? Was it the normal audition process?

Aiden Lovekamp: A little bit; they had me do a lot of improv. I also got to dance and sing with Rel (Ariel Schulman) and Henry (Joost). It was a lot of fun. I guess they thought I was a really good actor or something.  

Dread Central: Did you know about these movies (and all the fans) before you got the part of Wyatt? What did you like best about your character?

Aiden Lovekamp: No, not really; I never saw them, but I remember walking in on my mom watching one of them last year. I wanted to watch, but she wouldn’t let me.  I liked being able to be two different kids in this movie; it was really cool being a sweet fun kid and then turning into a zombie kid at the end.

Dread Central: Did Henry and Ariel help you prepare for shooting in any special ways at all? How was it working with them?

Aiden Lovekamp: Yes, Rel and Henry were awesome; they would dance and sing with me before scenes, and then they would tell me ‘work house’ when it was time to work again. They were my best friends! 

Dread Central: Did you enjoy working with your onscreen family, too?

Aiden Lovekamp: Yes! I love Katie (Featherston); she was so fun to hang out with. She did creep me out, though, when she looked scary.  I’m really close with my onscreen sister, Kathryn (Newton), who played Alex. She really treats me like I’m her little brother. Matt (Shively) was awesome, too; he’s like my older brother, and we played a lot on set.  

Brady (Allen), who played Robbie, and I played Lego Batman on our PSVita, and we watched movies when we weren’t filming. We also danced a lot. Stephen (Dunham), my dad in the movie, and I made up our own song and dance to the Smarty Pants Dance; and Alexondra (Lee), my mom in the movie, was really great and she was so nice.

Exclusive: Q&A with Paranormal Activity 4 Co-Star Aiden Lovekamp

Dread Central: Because this is such a scary movie, did you get scared at all while making PA 4?

Aiden Lovekamp: I only got scared once; I had to go and hide in my closet upstairs when Katie was coming for me, and it was so dark that I got really freaked out because I was by myself and I couldn’t see anything.

Dread Central: Have you been allowed to see the movie (since it is pretty scary even for adults), and if you have, did it scare you as much as it did everyone else?

Aiden Lovekamp: Yes! I’ve seen it seven times- it’s so cool.  I didn’t get scared because my mom made me close my eyes at all of the really scary parts. 

Dread Central: What’s coming up next for you?

Aiden Lovekamp: I have a commercial for Nook tablet that is running right now and also a KFC commercial where my dad steals my bites while I’m hiding.  I also have two movies coming out. One is the Time Being with Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games). He plays my dad in the film.  I also have a part in the movie Lonely Boy that should be out next year, too.  I go out on a lot of auditions so I hope to get some more movies and TV shows. 

Paranormal Activity 4 (review), directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, is in theaters everywhere NOW. Don’t forget to check out our exclusive Paranormal Activity Timeline to really relive the ghosts of Halloween past!

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Exclusive: Q&A with Paranormal Activity 4 Co-Star Aiden Lovekamp

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