The Walking Dead: Recap of and an Inside Look at Episode 3.05 – Say The Word

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Have you recovered from last week’s devastating episode of “The Walking Dead” yet? Andrew Lincoln’s heart-wrenching performance at the end of it was Emmy-worthy, and tonight’s Episode 3.05, titled “Say The Word”, continues where we left off.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read any further if you haven’t watched the episode yet. This is a recap, not a review. Continue only if you have watched it.

The episode, which was directed by Greg Nicotero (no surprise given the amount of gore it contained), began in the relative calmness of Americana. Woodbury was having a sunny day Main Street party with Andrea enjoying a cold beverage with Milton, the scientist, while Michonne continued to give the townsfolk her stinky eye treatment.

The Governor was also having a calm, quiet day in his room, brushing the hair of a young girl and ooking like a normal loving father. When his brush pulled off a piece of the young girl’s scalp, we knew things weren’t quite “normal.” When the young girl walker reacted, the Governor had to restrain her arms and hood her head, while calling her Penny. “Daddy still loves you,” he cooed, finally calming her down. Looking out his window, he saw Michonne looking in at him.

After the opening credits, we are back with the group at the prison with Rick still in shock. Hershel deemed the baby healthy but warned that it needed formula soon. Daryl volunteered to go looking and Maggie rode with him. Rick got up, grab his axe and went back inside. No one followed him. Inside the prison, Rick went into a rampaging rage and started hacking at any zombie in his way.

Back at Woodbury, while the Governor was addressing the town, Michonne broke into his home. She found a notebook containing a long list of names with the name Penny underlined. Hearing thumping, Michonne tried to investigate behind a locked door before being interrupted by the Governor, Milton and Merle discussing the power usage by the town party. Milton’s experiments had been delayed by the extra load. Michonne had snuck outside and found a gang of walkers locked up. Freeing them, she finally got to show off her katana skills and disposed of all the walkers. Before she even had a moment to enjoy her kills, she got caught.

Back indoors, the Governor started to admonish Michonne for her busybodiness. She confronted him about Penny, but he was non-plussed. He turned it back on her that she wanted to be kicked out. Giving her katana back, the Governor tried to blackmail Michonne into joining his research team before she went Jet-Li on him, took her sword back and aimed it at his throat. Wordlessly, she sheathed her sword and stormed out. Merle came in asking how it went. While amused, the Governor didn’t think Michonne was problematic and told Merle to send Andrea over.

Glenn was digging a grave while Oscar and Axel checked the perimeter. Oscar was touched that Glenn considered the group as his family. Glenn and Hershel reminisce about T-Dog.

After the Governor complained to Andrea about Michonne, Andrea tried to talk to Michonne unsuccessfully. Michonne tried to convince Andrea to leave, but after drinking the kool-aid, Andrea was not having any of it.

Inside the prison, Glenn found Rick by following a trail of dead walkers. Rick was definitely not in the mood to rejoin the group outside. Pushing Glenn away, Rick soldiered on.

Outside the Woodbury town limits, Merle, Milton and a couple of other minions came to inspect their walker trap. When Milton couldn’t handle a walker properly, it tried to bite but Milton’s jacket stopped the bite. Merle was impressed and proceeded to pull out a walker’s set of choppers.

Daryl and Maggie stopped at a house with a children’s playground outside. Breaking into the daycare, Maggie found some baby supplies. Exploring the house, they caught a possum dinner.

Merle tried to harass Michonne and Andrea on their way out of town but opened the gate for them. Michonne and Andrea had another spat, but in the end Andrea decided on staying. Merle shut the gate behind her while Michonne kept walking without looking back. While Andrea was wallowing in her sadness, the Governor turned on his Bill Clinton-like charms to cheer her up.

Daryl and Maggie returned with baby supplies and the group let Daryl hold and feed the baby. When asked about her name, Carl suggested a list of names from the women who were no longer with the group. Still inside the prison, Rick came into the mechanical room where Lori died. After recovering the fatal bullet, he found an overstuffed walker who was too full to attack. Rick shot it and went Hitchcock Psycho with his knife into the walker.

The party for the Woodbury residents continued into the night in what looked like a Fight Club arena with Merle and a rather fit Woodbury resident fighting each other and the walkers at the same time. Andrea found it barbaric and wanted to leave. So the Governor confided that the danger was staged and that the walkers’ teeth have been pulled out. Down in the ring, Merle enjoyed winning his fight while Andrea began to think she made a mistake by staying.

During a quiet moment, Daryl placed a flower on a fresh grave.

Back in the mechanical room, Rick was awoken from his stupor by a ringing phone. He walked over and answered it. Who might be on the other side?

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