Scream Factory Hopes You’ll Invite The Vagrant over to Watch The Horror Show

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Another Friday has passed and that means two titles never before released on DVD have been announced by the Scream Factory. You may not remember The Vagrant but odds are you remember The Horror Show and have been wondering if it would ever see the light of day again.

The big title of this week’s Scream Factory announcement is unquestionably The Horror Show, or as it is known in some foreign circles, House III. I never understood how anyone came to the conclusion that film could be released as a third installment of the House franchise, but then I also have never understood how a movie about killer radioactive tree roots could be marketed as Troll 3.

In much the same way Hollywood gave us dueling volcano films (Volcano and Dante’s Peak) and dueling celestial doomsday flicks (Armageddon and Deep Impact), 1989 saw the release of dueling fright flicks about electric chair-executed serial killers returning as supernatural specters out for revenge against the people that put them away. Wes Craven’s Shocker got the bigger release but The Horror Show has also amassed a cult following over the years.

The directorial debut of the late James Isaac (Jason X, Skinwalkers) – after My Grandpa is a Vampire director David Blythe got fired from the film mid-way, and written by that ultimate purveyor of high quality Hollywood projects, Allan Smithee, The Horror Show starred the late Brion James as meat cleaver-connossieur serial killer Max Jenke back from his grave seeking vengeance against the cop that sent him to death row (the great Lance Henriksen) and his family (which includes Michelle’s sister, Dedee Pfeiffer).

The second title announced is lesser known despite having a far more noteworthy cast. Bill Paxton (Aliens, Twister), Michael Ironside (Scanners, Total Recall), Marshall Bell (Total Recall, Starship Troopers), (“Mitzi Kapture (“Silk Stalkings”, “Baywatch”), Colleen Camp (Police Academy 2 & 4, Clue), Patrika Darbo (Hatchet, Spaced Invaders), Marc McClure (Superman 1-4, Back to the Future III), and Stuart Pankin (Congo, “Dinosaurs”) headlined the cast of the 1992 horror comedy The Vagrant.

Graham is content! He has a just purchased a new house which he can afford due to his successful well okay job which also comes closer to him with a swell chance of picking up a great girlfriend as a bonus feature. Of course he is something of a suck up yuppie and his potential companion Judy Dansig is sex-crazed real estate agent. However his new home has unwanted guest, a disgraced destitute shrink, who sees a chance to carry on the mind games that led him to his current situation. As Graham starts finding pieces of those around him turning up in places like his fridge and with him getting the blame by the law. Graham struggles hard not to lose it, but that isn’t easy as the deaths continue and he starts to even doubt his very own sanity!

From the director of The Fly II and the screenwriter of Cold Creek Manor, this is one of those movies if you’re of the right age probably saw on video store shelves all the time and whether you ever rented it or not odds are you had completely forgotten it even existed until just now.

From the sounds of Scream Factory’s Facebook announcement it looks these two will only be getting DVD releases only, no Blu-ray. More to come on these two releases in 2013.

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  • JB Demented

    Fuck yeah!! The Horror Show. All I can say is its about damm time. Scream Factory rocks and is doing an excellent job releasing old school horror films.