Uwe Boll Knights Dominic Purcell for In the Name of the King III, Produces the Knights vs. Werewolves Flick Moonrunners

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Amazing how a film franchise that began as an earnest attempt to produce a Lord of the Rings-style epic fantasy has turned into a series of films about world-weary killers for hire getting zapped back to medieval times.

Dominic Purcell is the third actor Uwe Boll has recruited to serve In the Name of the King. “Prison Break” and Straw Dogs remake star Purcell replaces Dolph Lundgren’s suicidal soldier of fortune from part two as the latest assassin to experience a life-changing journey to a time of sword & sorcery in desperate need of a hero in Uwe Boll’s In the Name of the King III.

Hazen Kaine, an American contract killer living in Sofia, Bulgaria, gets more than he bargains for when he enters into a contract with the mob. One last job before he gets out and starts a new life for himself. The targets: the three children of royal billionaire Andon Dupont. Seems simple enough, or so he thought. Hazen apprehends the children, and before he can blink an eye, a simple necklace worn by one of the children sends his life spiraling back to medieval times. Now completely out of his element, Hazen fights for his life as he tries to escape a medieval army and a fierce fire-breathing dragon.

It is here that Hazen learns what is it to be a real man and a true warrior. He must fight alongside these damsels and their people, dodging arrows and fire balls, to reclaim a kingdom that was stolen from them years before.

Not for nothing, I miss the Krug from part one. Can’t we bring back the Krug? And Jason Statham’s boomerang weapon… Remember that boomerang he used repeatedly for the first 20 minutes of the film and then never again? Dominic Purcell as a modern hitman forced to fight orc-like monsters with a boomerang in a medieval kingdom; I’d be all over that.

Expect to see In the Name of the King III sometime next year.

Uwe Boll Knights Dominic Purcell for In the Name of the King III

More knightly action will be found in the Uwe Boll-produced crusaders vs. werewolves flick Moonrunners directed by his F/X man Michaël Massias.

Kingdom of France in the year of the Lord 1210. The Albigensian Crusade puts the south to fire and sword.

Hunted by crusaders, a few heretics take refuge in a vast forest. They do not know yet the beasts roaming these woods are far more deadly than the Soldiers of God. Lost in werewolves’ territory, crusaders and heretics become the preys of these bloody creatures. They have only one choice to survive: Forget their differences and form an alliance to fight the moonrunners.

No word on any casting yet or when we can expect to see Moonrunners, but we’ll keep you posted.

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