UPDATE: Warner Brothers Acquires Entire Friday the 13th Franchise from Paramount

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Warner Brothers Acquires Entire Friday the 13th Franchise from ParamountNow here’s some really good news coming in for fans of the Friday the 13th franchise who are hoping that one day we’ll finally see a definitive box set of all the titles in the series…

Friday the 13th historian and filmmaker Daniel Farrands (Never Sleep Again, Halloween 6: The Curse of Michael Myers, The Haunting in Connecticut) reports via his Facebook page the following nugget of goodness…

It’s confirmed that Warner Bros. DID acquire the F13th titles from Paramount, but they haven’t yet decided whether they will release a full Blu-ray box set or simply release “one offs” of each title.” Either way… good news. Maybe finally we’ll get those fan commentary tracks we recorded that were deemed “too much fun” for the last re-release by Paramount! Hey, one can hope, right?

Paramount has retained the VOD rights.

Update from Dan Farrands
I was interviewed recently by a fan of the series and that’s how I was told that Warner Bros. had definitely gotten the rights to the Paramount F13th titles. For the record, I’ve had no direct communications with Warner Bros. and can’t confirm or deny whether or not there are any plans for a Blu-ray set or even if Warners has acquired distribution rights to F13th. I’d love nothing more than to see a complete box set of the entire series with some kick-ass bonus features, but until there is an official announcement from Warner Bros. we’ll just have to wait and hope for some Friday the 13th good luck!”

Stay tuned.

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  • JB Demented

    This is suprising. Paramount has held on to the first 8 films for years. They couldnt even provide flashbacks for Freddy Vs Jason when Freddy says I want to see what skeletons are in Your closet to Jason. Not to mention the intro which they show scenes from NOES 1-6, but nothing for Jason. If they release another box set, Im sure Ill get it being a die hard Jason fan and all. What I really wish they would do is make with the damm sequal to the reboot already. Of all these shitty remakes, FT13th was actually one of the better ones and done respectfully.

  • MagusMaleficus

    While I don’t relish the prospect of buying these fucking movies AGAIN, I know I will. I always will.