Lots of Moviegoers Check into Hotel Transylvania

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Lots of Moviegoers Check into Hotel TransylvaniaIt was a great weekend if you’re a Sony executive given they owned the #1 and #2 slots at the box office this weekend with the kiddy animated monster movie Hotel Transylvania and time traveling action flick Looper. Not so great for those of you hoping to ever see Dredd 2.

Sony had two reasons to celebrate this weekend. Box Office Mojo reports that Hotel Transylvania broke the record for highest opening weekend in the month of September with $43 million. Should make for an interesting showdown next weekend when another 3D animated kiddy monster mash (i.e., Frankenweenie) opens.

The Bruce Willis/Joseph Gordon-Levitt R-rated sci-fi actioner Looper AKA Terminator of the Corn gave Sony the #2 slot as well with a solid $21.2 million. It also opened #1 in China, proving conclusively that Jeff Daniels was correct when he told Levitt’s character he needed to learn Mandarin.

House at the End of the Street only dropped about 42%, allowing it to hold steady with $7.15 million. That’s a pretty good hold for a horror movie but pretty bad considering it’s this particular horror movie.

Resident Evil: Retribution continues its rapid slide to oblivion, already on the verge of departing the top ten after only three weeks. $3 for the weekend, $38 million total: Could it be that audiences are finally tiring of this franchise? One can only hope.

Fans of Dredd 3D probably won’t get a chance to tire of that franchise seeing as how there’ll most likely never be one. If it’s 6th place opening weekend was hailed as a bomb, then dropping out of the top ten all the way down to 11th place, $2.2 million, in week two can only be deemed – forgive the pun – dreadful.

To rub it in further, a “Glee”-esque teen musical called Pitch Perfect opened this weekend on only 336 screens and still managed to open in the same spot Dredd did last weekend with almost as much money ($6.3 million to $4.9 million). Maybe if Judge Dredd and his young female sidekick had lip synched Top 40 pop songs in between shooting bad guys, it might have caught on.

For me the biggest disappointment of Dredd was that the “Slo-Mo” drug wasn’t instead called “Crack Synder”.

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