RuneScape Adds New Botany Bay

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RuneScape is a free-to-play massively multiplayer online adventure game where anything is possible. But beware: If you fail to follow the rules, you will pay dire consequences. A new prison has been revealed to hold wrongdoers!

From the Press Release
On the heels of RuneScape’s summer announcement of the 200 Millionth Account created – and in continuation of last year’s Bot Nuking Day – Jagex is revealing their next diabolical initiative to eradicate bots from RuneScape, as well as get players involved in the gruesome fun – “Botany Bay.”

Characters engaged in botting will be issued a 1st warning – a dragon-like claw will point at them, indicating to other players that are botting – and have to sit out from the game for a period of time. With their 2nd offense – the waiting period is increased. With the 3rd offense – they are transported to Botany Bay, an isolated locale where they will serve trial in front of the Botfinder General – and the community at large – to receive their sentence. Players will be able to vote on the means of disposal for the offending characters – stomped by dragon, or incinerated by a ray of light – and engage in public displays of displeasure by pelting the condemned characters with fruit while waiting for the final verdict.

A new way of unearthing videogame cheaters has been introduced to RuneScape, the world’s most popular online adventure game. ‘Botting’ is a system whereby players of many online games use third-party software to automate tasks which in turn increase their player ability. It is an increasing problem for many online games – which is why Jagex is introducing sophisticated counter measures.

The new system will see anyone caught cheating within the game given two very public warnings – and if they are then caught a third time, their in-game character will be detained and sent to ‘Botany Bay’ where they could be permanently destroyed.

‘Botany Bay’ is a new in-game area where the community can judge the cheats, voting on ways in which they can be destroyed and throwing rotten fruit as the votes are counted. Methods of disposal include being stomped on by a dragon, blasted by a ray of light from the RuneScape gods, or consumed by a giant worm.

Mark Ogilvie, RuneScape Lead Designer commented: “Seeing rogue characters killed by dragons will be a very visual deterrent to other cheating players who now risk losing their character permanently.

We take a very hard line on cheaters in our game and have taken the unique move to name and shame those who have been breaking one of our most important rules. We have wanted to do this for some time and we hope that by bringing the actions of those who cheat to the attention of the wider community, we can make a massive step towards eliminating botting from the game.”

You can visit the official RuneScape website to learn more about the game.

Runescape Adds New Botany Bay

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