Phil Nichols’ Frankenstein Stage Play Gets a New Lead Actor

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The Houston Country Playhouse’s production of Frankenstein helmed by Phil Nichols is gearing up for its October 12th start, and we just got word that a new lead actor is stepping into the pivotal role of Victor Frankenstein.

Nichols told us, “We’re in the home stretch on Frankenstein. Unfortunately, Sam Martinez left the production for personal reasons, but a fresh young actor named Louis Crespo, Jr., is taking over the part of Victor Frankenstein.” Phil sent over a gallery’s worth of stills featuring Crespo, which you can see below.

FX master and director Phil Nichols’ (Groundead, Renfield: The Un-Dead, Boggy Creek 2010, Psychic Experiment, REEL FX make-up kits) take on this production of Frankenstein by Victor Gialanella from the novel by Mary Shelley is “high Hammer horror style”. Nichols says, “We’re pulling out all the stops to homage the Peter Cushing Frankenstein films, drawing inspiration from Evil of Frankenstein and Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell especially.”

Louis Crespo, Jr., is playing Baron Victor Frankenstein. Melissa L. Nichols’ production designs have the feel of the Hammer films in their heyday, and she is fantastic as Helen, one of the “Body Snatchers” that provide the Baron with his raw materials. Other cast members of note include John Stevens (Count Dracula in Renfield: The Un-Dead) as DeLacy, the blind hermit who befriends and teaches the Monster to be human, and Vance Johnson (Dr. Seward in Renfield: The Un-Dead) as the Earl of Frankenstein, father of Victor, who meets his end at the hands of Victor’s monstrous creation. Newcomers Maredith Zaritski plays Elizabeth, Victor’s love interest; Steve Dowell plays Henry Clerval, his schoolmate and unwitting assistant; and Amesti Reioux plays Justine, the governess tragically framed by the Monster for the murder of Victor’s brother, Willem Frankenstein, only to be executed for the crime and used as raw materials by Victor to make his monster a mate. And finally, playing the Monster is Michael Raabe.

Nichols’ Facades FX company is doing creature and make-up effects, and even though it is a stage show, being done in Hammer style, it will have some grisly moments when the Monster takes his revenge. In addition, Facades FX is handling the creature effects work for Evil Dead the Musical being directed by Gene Kato, which plays as the second feature midnight show in the double-bill running with Frankenstein.

For more info and tickets, visit the Country Playhouse website.

Phil Nichols' Frankenstein Stage Play Gets a New Lead Actor

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