One Little Guy Against the Forces of Evil… See the Trailer for Gnome in the Haunted Castle

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Lone Gnome is on a mission. The little guy has to take on a world of baddies to save his people from being turned to stone in the upcoming animated film Gnome in the Haunted Castle. He’s got the attitude of Hobo With A Shotgun, but he’s got a cute pointy, red hat.

Check out the trailer.

The film was written, directed and produced by Frank Sudol through Blackarro Productions, who specialize in unrated animated films. If you dig the trailer you can buy an advanced DVD version of Gnome in the Haunted Catle in 2D and 3D at Blackarro.com. Gnome in the Haunted Castle hits Amazon.com in September.

Short? No doubt. Overpowered? Better believe it. Outnumbered? Don’t ask. Big on courage? Absolutely.

Lone Gnome is about to join the fate of the rest of Gnomekind, who have all turned into stone, unless within an hour’s time, he can find and recover his stolen Life Gem. Hiding deep inside the towering, Haunted Castle, the villainous Pumpkin Man is responsible. But first, he’ll need to get there. No small feat for a pocket gnome, and with the help of Bumpnose Bat and a ton of courage, Lone Gnome ventures into the Haunted Castle alone. Facing incredible danger, he overlooks his small stature with his eyes on the prize.

Blocking his progress are Pumpkin’s cast of minions. Wilga Witch, Evil Bat, Werewolf, Headless Man, Mummy, Giant Dog Beast, Skeleton, Fireflare Devil Man, Hair Raising Polterghost, Grim Reaper and a horde of zombies are a number of enemies he’ll face, not to mention the countless puzzles and traps awaiting him. But will he survive or be turned forever into stone? Only one way to find out, in this thrilling adventure where you’re never too small for bravery.

One Little Guy Against the Forces of Evil... See the Trailer for Gnome in the Haunted Castle

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