Release Your Inner Beast in Primal Carnage

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Lukewarm Media’s Primal Carnage will release later this year for PC. Humans were never meant to take on these ferocious dinosaurs–so thank goodness they went extinct a long time ago. But if you just have a death wish to take on these beasts of the wild, then Primal Carnage is waiting!

From the Press Release
The highly-anticipated human vs. dinosaur multiplayer game Primal Carnage is set to launch on PC later this year. With five human and five dinosaur classes to rip each other apart with, the Pyromaniac and the Carnotaurus represent a mere sampling of the havoc you can expect to unleash with Primal Carnage.

With his custom Flamesaw (a flamethrower with a chainsaw melee attack), the Pyromaniac deserves his name. Spewing flames is effective for keeping dinosaurs at bay but only at medium distances…his chainsaw is all for up-close encounters. When ranged destruction is needed, the Pyro keeps a few grenades on his belt for just such a purpose.

The Carnotaurus is the lurking menace of the dinosaur team. While lacking the size of the mighty T-Rex, the Carno makes up for its smaller stature with incredible speed and brute force, breaking up crowds with his powerful charge ability and sharp horns. While the carno can run all over the battle field, his flanks are vulnerable, giving the mercenaries a window of opportunity against this speedy bruiser…but watch out for his bite, as his hatchet-like maw can dish out serious death.

Get ready for a savage multiplayer experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced in Primal Carnage, a class-based online action game that throws 65 million years of evolution to the wind, locking humans and dinosaurs together in brutal combat. With Primal Carnage, players hunt AND are hunted, and must choose between defending themselves against a slew of deadly prehistoric creatures with an arsenal of today’s weapons, or decimating humans into piles of sinew as vicious carnivores of all sizes and variety.

You can visit the official Primal Carnage website to learn more about the game.

Release Your Inner Beast In Primal Carnage

Release Your Inner Beast In Primal Carnage

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  • MonsterMash

    Lukewarm Media’s latest looks lukewarm at best.

  • Uncle Creepy

    Every game, now and forever, should come with a flamesaw.