New One-Sheet: Box of Shadows / Charles Bornstein to Edit

More news from the Box of Shadows camp! Now that the film is in the can, editor Charles Bornstein, whose work you may be familiar with from little movies like John Carpenter's Halloween and The Fog as well as entries into the Friday the 13th, Psycho, Critters, and Return of the Living Dead franchises, has come on board to help craft the film as it makes its way to fans.

We are absolutely thrilled to have Charles Bornstein editing this picture,” says director Mauro Borrelli. “He brings emotion to every moment and, best of all, is a master at cutting scary scenes.

We are very pleased with the material we have shot, and having Charles in the editing room will push it to an ever higher level,” said producer Ed Polgardy.

Bornstein's vast experience in the horror genre is a perfect match for Borrelli’s dark thriller about a 15th Century coffin that allows a group of college friends to experience the world as ghosts.

The story and material for Box of Shadows is edgy, scary, and extremely entertaining,” said Bornstein. “This movie should be a real treat for fans of dark material.

Pretty nifty! In other Box of Shadows news, visual effects supervisor Maxim Matthew of Maxim Matthew Creations has joined the post production team. He'll be overseeing the film’s many special effects sequences, including images of ghosts, a mechanical reaper, and the 15th Century supernatural coffin packed with gears and other moving parts.

For more info and other exclusives, visit the official Box of Shadows website.

Dig on the new one-sheet below.

New One-Sheet: Box of Shadows

- Uncle Creepy

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