Syfy and The Asylum Join Forces to Show Discovery Channel How Shark Week Should Really Be Done

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Syfy and The Asylum Join Forces to Show Discovery Channel How Shark Week Should Really Be DoneNext week Discovery Channel begins its annual salute to nature’s perfect predators, but the festivities really begin on Syfy this Saturday night when an Asylum movie entitled Shark Week has its world premiere.

As you’ll see from the trailer below, what we have here is Jaws meets Saw.

The same writing/directing duo behind The Asylum’s earlier 2-Headed Shark Attack, Christopher Ray and H. Perry Horton, have reunited for an even bigger feeding frenzy.

I think as you read the plot synopsis below, we can all agree that this is pretty much where the Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” will inevitably lead.

A group of complete strangers find themselves isolated by a wealthy madman on his island compound. They are forced into a horrifying gauntlet where they must survive a barrage of ever deadlier species of shark.

That’s Patrick Bergin (Patriot Games, Highway to Hell) you’ll see chewing the scenery as the Jigsaw of sharkdom in the teaser trailer below. “Witchblade” star and Lake Placid 3 devouree Yancy Butler helps him chum the water.

Shark Week premieres on Syfy this Saturday night, August 4th, at 9/8 Central with the usual midnight replay. If you miss it, you’ll have to wait until August 28th, when the Blu-ray/DVD is being released.

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  • James Coker

    Terminal you obviously havent Seen Nazis at the Center of the Earth

    • Terminal

      Any good?

    • nazo

      It’s all about Air Collision. That takes the Asylum movie to new heights (or depths).

  • Terminal

    I’ll skip it. Asylum films usually feel like a week anyway.

  • James Coker

    asylum is definitly getting better, 2 headed shark attack was really fun and Nazis at the center of the earth had some of the most batshit absurd aspects ive ever seen in a B-Movie. I fucking loved that one. . . looking forward to Haunting of Whaley House

  • Rottenjesus

    2 HEADED SHARK ATTACK was an insane amount of fun and this looks like it could be a good time as well.