Paranormal Activity 4 – 666 Teaser Trilogy Examined; Big Surprise on Dread Central Tonight at Midnight (PT)!

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Paranormal Activity fans, we have an interesting dissection of the 666 teaser trilogy for you! Blinked and missed something? NO WORRIES! You’re covered! Not to mention tonight at 12:00 midnight PT we’ll have an official Paranormal Activity 4 surprise waiting for you!

The three trailer teasers, each one running 13 seconds, were comprised mostly of footage from the first three films. Katie and Micah in bed. Katie killing her sister. The symbol behind the painting. Yep, we saw it all. However, there were some really quick bits of new and interesting imagery inserted briefly so we slowed things down, grabbed some screen caps, and BOOM! Six new images from Paranormal Activity 4. Check them out below, featuring a female character whom we have never seen before, and then read on for more on our surprise!

Paranormal Activity 4 - 666 Teaser Trilogy Examined; Big Surprise on Dread Central Tonight at Midnight!

Paranormal Activity 4 - 666 Teaser Trilogy Examined; Big Surprise on Dread Central Tonight at Midnight!

Paranormal Activity 4 - 666 Teaser Trilogy Examined; Big Surprise on Dread Central Tonight at Midnight!

Paranormal Activity 4 - 666 Teaser Trilogy Examined; Big Surprise on Dread Central Tonight at Midnight!

Paranormal Activity 4 - 666 Teaser Trilogy Examined; Big Surprise on Dread Central Tonight at Midnight!

Paranormal Activity 4 - 666 Teaser Trilogy Examined; Big Surprise on Dread Central Tonight at Midnight!

Pretty nifty, eh? Now then. Tonight at 12:00 midnight PT (that’s 3:00 am for you East Coasters) we will be unveiling something HUGE. We’re not saying what it is just yet, BUT we can tell you that it’ll be worth staying up for!

Paranormal Activity 4 will open nationwide on October 19th, and per usual, most details for the film are being kept under wraps. Paranormal Activity 3 directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman have returned to helm for Paramount Pictures.

Follow Paranormal Activity on Twitter (@TweetYourScream) for more upcoming announcements, and as always keep an eye on the official Paranormal Activity website!

Second Trailer Teaser for Paranormal Activity 4

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  • James Coker

    correction…I hated the saw sequels because like the Paranormal Activity sequels they were constantly taking up the month of October making other studios hestitant to release their horror films in the same month although I am glad Sinister,Silent Hill Revelations and Frankenweenie are all coming out in October too, maybe the studios are finally growing some balls!

  • James Coker

    sigh. . . . why the fuck do these movies keep being made. sorry guys but I cant find the invisible man at 3am scary. and second for a horror film franchise the marketability is really limited…what can kids dress up as for Halloween from this franchise…NOTHING!

    • DannX68

      1: Don’t freaking watch them if you don’t like them, is that so hard a concept to grasp?? It’s getting soooo annoying with all you people complaining over how bad they are, when noone is forcing you to see them!

      2: Who gives a damn about marketability, the movies are R-rated, meaning NOT for kids, so why should there be something for kids to dress up as??

      I swear, those complaining never have any real arguments…

      • kiddcapone


        If the movie wasn’t released around Halloween time, I’d agree with your “no one is forcing you to see them” statement. But unfortunately, the PA franchise is the only game in town during the height of the horror fans season. So that sucks greatly when you visit a few local haunted house attractions and want to top off the night with a “scary” movie and the only choice in theaters is some boring ass uneventful snoozefest consisting of 88 minutes of surveillance footage and someone eventually flying towards the camera during the last 5 seconds for three consecutive films…

        And just because it’s Rated R doesn’t mean marketability isn’t important. Remind me again, was Halloween, Friday the 13th, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Scream, and Hellraiser rated PG ??? Yet not one single Halloween goes by that I don’t see someone wearing a Myers, Jason, Leatherface, Ghostface, or Pinhead costume…Just ask Sideshow Toys or McFarlane if merchandising isn’t worth a damn.

        The Paranormal Activity bullshit should have ended with Katie slitting her own throat. Damn you Steven Spielberg for changing the ending…Now we’re going to see this caught lightning in a bottle cash cow fluke milked for every single last drop it can squeeze out…

        • Terminal

          Yes it will be milked, like the Saw, F13, Halloween, NOES, Hellraiser, Phantasm, Puppet Master, Pumpkinhead, Sleepaway Camp, Critters, and Scream franchises were. Big effing deal.

          Sure, you’re forced to watch these movies on Halloween. Or just pop in a DVD of one of your horror favorites and save some money and time. Ever think of that? Oh right, then you wouldn’t be able to complain about the movie later on.

          • kiddcapone

            All those other series were actual MOVIES, albeit some very bad ones, but MOVIES none-the-less. They all had real actors, set locations, a script with dialogue, a musical score, and most importantly, a fucking villain. Besides, more than half of the franchises you listed are direct-to-video crap that is pumped out to make a fast buck for cheap.

            Paranormal Activity is a lame one-trick gimmick crap made for cheap wide release being stretched wayyyyyy beyond it’s expiration date. Seriously, how many fucking times can you keep doing a surveillance camera movie? How many times can you continue to reuse the same found footage bullshit of noises with lights turning on and off?

            I can stay home and watch DVDs anytime I want. That’s not the fucking point. I hated the Saw movies, but at least it was an actual movie. You don’t sit there in a pitch quiet theater staring at some time stamp clicking away. We’re now going on 240 fucking minutes and counting of a surveillance/hand-held shaky camera shit, and apparently, it’s not ending any time soon because it has the Halloween cash cow season locked up due to no competition…Like PT Barnum said, “there’s a sucker born every minute”…

      • Terminal

        Yeah that whole “Think about the children” argument is weak sauce. Just ignore the naysayers. They want more torture porn Jigsaw crapola.

  • Terminal

    Another great teaser.

  • KlassikKush666

    I’m fairly sure that the blonde woman is the girl who adopts Micha/Katie’s baby Hunter after the police find katie and him (assuming the 4th takes this route and goes with that). The demon, unsated and enraged by his failing in katie, once again must go after Hunter and destroy the new family that unknowingly tried to protect him.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Interesting theory! I dig it!

      • KlassikKush666

        thank you kind sir :3

    • The Woman In Black

      Katie and Micah didn’t have a baby! I think you mean Kristi and Daniel’s baby.

      • KlassikKush666

        my bad…yeah, i got the characters confused >.> need to rewatch the first three i haven’t since Feb and there have been sooo many horror movies between now and then