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Exclusive Interview: Assistant Producer Megan Myers Talks Sims 3 Supernatural



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Sims 3 Supernatural is scheduled to release in September for PC and Mac. Players will enter the mysterious town of Moonlight Falls where supernatural beings such as fairies, vampires and werewolves are the norm.

Dread Central sat down with Sims 3 Supernatural‘s Assistant Producer Megan Myers to get the inside scoop on the upcoming expansion!

AMANDA DYAR: The Sims 3 Supernatural is an upcoming expansion for The Sims 3. The action relocates to the town of Moonlight Falls where supernatural creatures and Sims with otherworldly powers are the norm. What all can you tell us about the town of Moonlight Falls and the secrets we’ll find in the town of the upcoming expansion?

MEGAN MYERS: Moonlight Falls is a town unlike any other with its towering falls, foggy hills, and mysteries that lurk around every corner. The neighborhood families all have rich histories and hidden secrets from the spell-slinging Crumplebottom sisters to the plasma-deprived Van Goulds. With tons of new venues to visit and collectibles to find, Moonlight Falls is full of activities for every Sim.

AMANDA: One of the most important new features in The Sims 3 Supernatural is the ability to play as various monsters from the worlds of horror and fantasy or gain special powers such as psychic abilities and witchcraft. Can you tell us how some of these special character classes will affect gameplay; for example if I’m a vampire will I have to stay out of the sun or sparkle, will I have to consume blood to survive and can I be friends with a Sim who happens to be a werewolf despite these two creatures rivaling histories?

MEGAN: Yes, if you’re a vampire, you will have to stay out of the sunlight and consume plasma to survive. If you play as a werewolf, you’ll have to learn to balance your lycanthropy skill that dictates your transformation from human form to wolf form and back. As far as rivalries go, the game does have the vampire families pitted up against the werewolf families in town. However, players can certainly choose to overcome that rivalry and create friendships or even romances between vampires and werewolves.

AMANDA: One of the most important features in The Sims 3 is the ability to create your own family through ‘WooHoo’ and ‘Trying for a Baby’. Will this feature carry over to The Sims 3 Supernatural, and how will the new creature types affect a Sims ability to have a child?

MEGAN: All supernatural Sims in The Sims 3 Supernatural will have the ability to ‘WooHoo’ and have children. For inter-supernatural romances, offspring will have a 50% chance of inheriting the supernatural characteristics of one side of the family.  For example, the child of a werewolf Sim and a fairy Sim would be either a full werewolf or a full fairy. This same scenario would play out for the offspring of a Supernatural Sim and an ordinary Sim. Of course, if two of the same supernaturals were to have a child, the child would inherit their characteristics.

AMANDA: Another important new feature in The Sims 3 Supernatural is magical item and elixir crafting. How deep is this crafting system and what types of items will players be able to create with it? Which enchanted item or elixir would you say is your personal favorite and why?

MEGAN: There are more than 30 different elixirs for Sims to create in The Sims 3 Supernatural, each with its own unique recipe of ingredients that are required in order to craft it. The effects of the elixirs will vary greatly. From the ability to create an elixir to turn an ordinary Sim into a supernatural Sim or vice-versa, to crafting an elixir that will decrease a Sim’s need to sleep to even an elixir that will cause a Sim to be attacked by bees, The Sims 3 Supernatural has a large variety to choose from. My personal favorite is the Clone Drone elixir which will clone a Sim. I love filling my house with clones and having five different versions of my Sim hanging out together, playing video games in the living room!

AMANDA: With EA’s recent acquisition of developing company PopCap, a crossover from PopCap’s highly popular title Plants vs. Zombies with The Sims 3 Supernatural only makes sense. Can you tell us where the idea for this merging of two great titles originated, how the Plants vs. Zombies items will affect gameplay in The Sims 3 Supernatural and if we can ever hope to see The Sims in a PopCap developed game?

MEGAN: When we were thinking about content for the Limited Edition of the game, PopCap’s Plants vs. Zombies came up, and we immediately knew it would be a great fit. Both games have common factors of broad appeal, irreverent humor and of course, zombies! Our first thought was that the Plants vs. Zombies Peashooter would be the perfect enemy for Sims to ward off zombies. We were excited to bring this content into the Limited Edition version of The Sims 3 Supernatural. Additionally, the Limited Edition pack includes creepy chic clothing for players to dress their zombies for a night of mischief and mayhem, all from the world of Plants vs. Zombies.

You can visit the official the Sims 3 Supernatural website to learn more about the game.

Exclusive Interview: Assistant Producer Megan Myers talks Sims 3 Supernatural

Exclusive Interview: Assistant Producer Megan Myers talks Sims 3 Supernatural

Exclusive Interview: Assistant Producer Megan Myers talks Sims 3 Supernatural

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Knock Knock! Who’s There? An 80s-Inspired Horror Comedy



The 80s have never been hotter! Hell, not even in the 80s! The decade of high hair gave us plenty of horror classics, some of which are revered and emulated by younger filmmakers around the world. Case in point: the new short film Knock Knock, which was inspired by the love of VHS monster movies like Fright Night, The Monster Squad, and Evil Dead II with a dash of Scooby-Doo and a bitchin’ John Carpenter-esque soundtrack!

From writer/director/producer Toby Canto, Knock Knock stars Saul Arteta, Rachel Atterson, Lucas Ayoub, and Jennifer Bennett. Even cooler? You can check it out on Vimeo now!

Knock Knock tells the story of down-on-his-luck former boxer Sam Grant, who one night finds himself caught in a whirlwind of conjecture and conundrum as his colorful and quirky neighbors come to him with scary tales of their apartment’s mysterious new resident. Inspired by the retro horror classics of VHS days gone by, Knock Knock is sure to be a treat for any horror fan and aficionado.

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Shriekfest Announces its 2018 Call for Entries!



Hey, you! Yeah, you! The one sitting there with a newly minted horror flick you’re trying to get attention to! Shriekfest, the Los Angeles International Film Festival & Screenplay Competition, has just announced that they’re already looking for 2018 entries!

Read on to find out how you can submit your flick and more!

Shriekfest, the Los Angeles Horror/SciFi Film Festival continues its tradition as Los Angeles’ premier horror film event, presenting an exciting program of films each fall with beautiful Los Angeles as its backdrop. Now, in its 18th year, Shriekfest L.A takes place at the legendary Raleigh Studios, which is the largest independent studio operator in the country.

Shriekfest Orlando takes place at the famous Wayne Densch Performing Arts Center, which was originally founded in 1923. They offer filmmakers and film fans alike an ideal setting in two world-famous cities. Both established and emerging filmmakers gain media exposure, connect with the region’s diverse audiences, and participate in an acclaimed event attended by industry professionals as well as horror and sci-fi fans. Every film accepted into Shriekfest has the opportunity to screen on both coasts for the price of one admission! Over the past seventeen years, Shriekfest has welcomed numerous indie icons into its family, and they are always looking to add to the Shriekfest Family!

They are looking for original films and screenplays and are accepting them in five categories: narrative feature, narrative short, narrative super short, music video, feature screenplay, and short screenplay. And in these genres: horror, comedy horror, thriller, sci-fi, and fantasy.

Festival Founder and Director Denise Gossett says, “We are already planning some exciting things for our 18th year! Last year’s festival was a great success. We had our biggest audience yet, and we had more than 55 filmmakers/screenwriters in attendance. Plus, we were able to introduce some amazing indie horror films to Los Angeles and Orlando!

HOW TO ENTER: You’ll find the entry form and additional information at shriekfest.com!

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Golden Globes TV Edition: Stranger Things and Kyle MacLachlan Score Nominations



Yesterday we brought you guys the exciting news that two genre films – Get Out and The Shape of Water – scored big nominations at this year’s Golden Globes.

Why did we split all of this up, you may ask?

Most sites are grouping all of these nominations together, and we felt that while it is exciting enough for one quality genre offering to get some awards love, multiple nominations each deserve their own sets of Dread Central love as well.

That said, we’re going to combine this next one. Forgive us. We’ll call this the “TV Edition.”

Anyhow, it looks like Netflix and The Duffer Brothers’ original series “Stranger Things” got a nomination for Best Television Series – Drama, and Mr. Kyle MacLachlan score a nod for Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or Motion Picture Made for Television for his dual role in David Lynch’s “Twin Peaks: The Return”!

Pretty cool, huh?

I think both nominations are very well deserved with “Stranger Things” Season 2 being one of my favorite genre offerings all year and “Twin Peaks: The Return” being one of the others. Congrats on both counts!

Make sure to hit us up and let us know if you get as excited about genre awards love as much as we do in the comments below!

The Golden Globes airs live on NBC January 7, 2018, at 5:00 PM PT/8:00 PM ET.

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