A Vampire Dog Voiced by Norm McDonald? The Sucking Begins on DVD this September!

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Direct-to-DVD movies about cute doggies and puppies have quietly become a cottage industry. So why not one about a boy who befriends an adorable talking Vampire Dog? Did I mention this mutt-feratu is voiced by comedian Norm McDonald? Not a joke. Watch the trailer.

E1 Entertainment will release Vampire Dog on DVD September 25th. This Canadian kiddy vampire doggy flick stars Collin Makechnie, Julia Sara Stone, Amy Matysio, Ronald Peterson, and Norm McDonald as the last guy you’d ever expect to hear cast as the voice of the 600-year-old vampire dog named Fang.

Was Chevy Chase not available? I thought he was the official go-to ex-“Saturday Night Live” cast member for talking dog movies?

Ace is just like any other new kid at school, until his grandfather from Transylvania dies at age 96 and sends him his dog, Fang. Ace soon discovers that Fang is a vampire dog – and he speaks English! Mad scientist Dr. Warhol and her bumbling assistant Frank try to capture Fang and steal his DNA in hopes of developing the latest anti-aging technology, but lucky for Ace the vampire dog manages to stay one step ahead of his pursuers. Along the way an enduring friendship forms when Ace and Fang discover that together they are unstoppable.

The trailer for Vampire Dog will probably leave you as perplexed as I was as to what exactly constitutes this dog being a vampire. He has no problem with daylight, bares no fangs out of the ordinary for a dog, and the only real indication that there is anything special about “Fang” is his ability to run at super speed and speak in the voice of Norm McDonald. Even “Bunnicula, the Vampire Rabbit” came across more monstrous than this.

A Vampire Dog Voiced by Norm McDonald? The Sucking Begins on DVD this September!

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