Be a Part of the Sleeper’s Wake with this New Trailer and Imagery

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Time to add some international flavor to your afternoon with the first stills, trailer, and one sheet from filmmaker Barry Berk’s latest terror tale, Sleeper’s Wake. Dive in with both feet, kids! This one is looking pretty damned good!

The film will make its premiere at the Durban International Film Festival in South Africa.

John Wraith regains consciousness in hospital, his mind awash with drugs and amnesia, a huge centipede of a scar spread across his forehead from a motorcar accident in which his wife and daughter died because he fell asleep at the wheel.

To heal and find solace, he goes to Nature’s Cove, a wild, unspoilt coastal settlement in South Africa, where most of the holiday homes are boarded up and eerily empty over the winter months. It is there that John comes across a 17-year-old girl, Jackie, weeping softly in a boat outside a chalet. He endeavours to help her, but she turns on him, blackmailing him, wanting money, or she’ll tell everyone that he tried to rape her. That night the young girl’s father, Roelf, comes to apologise for his daughter’s behaviour. He tells John that Jackie’s been struggling since her mother was murdered in front of her during a vicious robbery at their home.

Despite Jackie’s father’s watchful eye and the ominous presence of Dirk, a gun-toting security guard who wants Jackie to marry him, John and Jackie are drawn inexorably toward one another; he, the middle-aged grieving widow, she, the Lolita, wise beyond her years, united in their grief and guilt for the death of a loved one.

Be a Part of the Sleeper's Wake with this New Trailer and Imagery

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