San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reflects on Watchmen, Talks New Comic Series – Before Watchmen

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While this may not necessarily fall into the horror realm, we here at Dread Central think it’s safe to assume there may be quite a few of you out there who probably also call yourselves Watchmen fans.

Considering the far-reaching influence of the original comic book series and the box office success Zack Snyder’s feature film adaptation found back in 2009 ($185 million worldwide), yeah we’ll take those odds.

During a recent roundtable interview with Jeffrey Dean Morgan for the upcoming Lionsgate thriller The Possession, the actor who brought to life the tragic anti-hero “The Comedian” for Snyder’s flick also took time to reflect on that film and the comic book series and also weighed in with his thoughts on the new series Before Watchmen, which has enraged both Watchmen co-creator Alan Moore and some fans as well.

Check out what Morgan had to say on all things Watchmen below!

Question: What is it that you look for when considering projects, considering the wide array of genres in both film and television that you’ve been in over the years?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: Look, I just like to keep things interesting; diversity if you will. Back when I was doing “Grey’s Anatomy”, I knew I wanted to do something different than that, and I did something totally and completely opposite- I did Watchmen. And playing “The Comedian” was incredible, but after that all I got were action scripts and more action scripts. So I went on and did something totally different from there, and that’s just what I keep trying to do. Keep it different.

But I am incredibly proud of that film (Watchmen); I love it- especially here at Comic-Con. I mean, every now and again my ego can use a little boost, and Comic-Con is the best place in the world for me to get it (laughs).

Question: Have you read the new Before Watchmen books yet? What are your thoughts on that?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan: I haven’t read them yet, actually, but I hear they’re pretty good. At first I wasn’t really on board because (Alan) Moore wasn’t involved and (Dave) Gibbons isn’t doing it either so yeah, I was definitely worried. But I’ve heard that they’re actually pretty great books so I do want to give them a read soon if I can.

But I do get why the fans aren’t happy either; I guess we all thought this would be a self-contained world forever, but it isn’t really. That happens in the comic world, and I think that’s kind of cool to expand the world a little.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Jeffrey Dean Morgan Reflects on Watchmen, Talks New Comic Series - Before Watchmen

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