San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Limited Edition Hatchet III Teaser Poster

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This Saturday Dark Sky Films and ArieScope Pictures will be distributing limited edition teaser posters for their upcoming horror sequel Hatchet III exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con, and we have a look at it right here!

On hand at SDCC to sign the posters will be writer/producer Adam Green, director BJ McDonnell, and cast members Kane Hodder, Zach Galligan, Caroline Williams, and Rileah Vanderbilt.

The teaser poster, featuring Kane Hodder as slasher icon Victor Crowley, offers fans their first look at producer Adam Green’s hotly anticipated film.

The official Hatchet III signing will be held on Saturday, July 14th, on the San Diego Comic-Con floor in the Sails Pavilion at Table AA21 from 2:30-4:30 PM. Each fan who comes to the signing will receive a free limited edition poster, which will only be available at Comic-Con 2012. Fans can also catch Victor Crowley walking the convention floor throughout the day, and those who snap a picture of themselves with Crowley and tweet it (tagging @darkskyfilms), will be entered to win a Hatchet Army t-shirt and limited edition poster.

Hatchet III opens on the ultraviolent final shot of Hatchet II and continues the tale of the now iconic slasher villain Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder). As a search and recovery team heads into the haunted swamp to pick up the pieces and carnage left behind from the first two films, Marybeth (Danielle Harris) hunts down the true secret to ending the voodoo curse that has left the ghost of Victor Crowley haunting and terrorizing Honey Island Swamp for decades.

The sequel is a co-production of MPI/Dark Sky Films and Green’s Los Angeles-based ArieScope Pictures. The film marks cinematographer McDonnell’s directorial debut after having handled A and B camera operations on such features as Rob Zombie’s Halloween remake, Timur Bekmambetov’s Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Adam Green’s first two Hatchet films.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Limited Edition Hatchet III Teaser Poster

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  • James Coker

    sigh. . . Im really disappointed in the Look of Victor in this and the look of Victor in the second film. why does Adam have to change his face every film!

    also LOVED the first film, cant get enough of it

    second film was okay, only liked three moments in it

  • Terminal

    I haven’t been so lukewarm toward a slasher film since Scream 4.

  • aliensharkboy

    I asked Danielle Harris about this upcoming sequel a couple of a days ago and she seemed pretty sure this was gonna be a fun slasher movie, in her words “I think you’re really gonna like it!”

    Can’t wait!

    • kiddcapone

      What else is she gonna say? “I think this movie is going to fucking suck. It’s easily the worst piece of shit I’ve ever been in. You’ll hate it with a passion. Don’t see it.”

      • aliensharkboy

        LOL I’m just saying, I was talking to her about what the plans are on “Laid to Rest 3” what film sequels she’d return to etc etc, but once we got to talk about hatchet she seemed pretty confident, I’ve met others at comic cons who’ve had a look on their face like they were going to say bad stuff about their upcoming movies, but she definitely didn’t seem like that… she’s a good actress so she could be lying, huh… 😛

        I loved Hatchet 2 waaayyyy more then the first (Thought it was rather boring), I doubt I’ll dislike this one… plus I’ll watch anything with Danielle Harris.

  • Masked Slasher

    I still can’t believe we’re getting a HATCHET III, but Leslie Vernon needs to do a kickstarter.

    Nothing against Hatchet at all, but that boggles the mind.

    • MonsterMash


    • Terminal

      Adam Green has connections and backing by genre folks, the Vernon people don’t. It’s all about connections.

  • MonsterMash

    Eh. I loved thr first one, really liked the second and the third has a great cast attached. But that makeup looks iffy.