Dinner for Fiends – Anniversary Mayhem 2012

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Dinner for Fiends - Anniversary Mayhem 2012It’s dinnertime once more. The fiends have all gathered to sink their fangs into Chernobyl Diaries, Battleship, The Amazing Spider-Man, Prometheus, and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. We’ll wash it all down with some listener emails for dessert, some of which are actually coherent.

Uncle Creepy opens the show with a lengthy walk down memory lane celebrating six years of Dread Central. From there he, myself, Matt Fini, Andrew Kasch, and Buz engage in a very lengthy discussion of Prometheus, very short discussions of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter and Battleship, somehow I ended up talking about The Amazing Spider-Man, and let’s not forget Creepy and I briefly going at it over Chernobyl Diaries.

I realize now I just wrote two different versions of the same paragraph. So be it.

Dinner is served!

And, no, you cannot have my para-bot!

Now go listen … then head on over to iTunes and give us a review, damn it!

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    • kiddcapone

      I think you guys are a little overdue for a new DFF…hurry up, I’m bored at work.

      • Masked Slasher

        Apologies, sir!

        It’s been done for a while, but we’ve had a few setbacks. Promise it should be up soon.

        Also, we’re looking to record another one real soon for a double-ish dose.

    • Sexy Mcmanbeast

      I graduated college in 2006, and I found Dread Central right around when I moved back home. I remember appreciating that there was a site that finally seemed to be completely unbiased. A site which told shit like it was, and wasn’t fucking around. I’ve read and heard tons of great opinions from Dread C, and not to get melodramatic, but this site makes me glad to be a horror fan.
      I’ve been listening to Dinner For Fiends for…fuck, I feel old now.
      Still, many hours of entertainment, and a lot of laughs have been had, just listening to Creepy and Foy bitch at each other.
      Long live The Dinner For Fiends!
      I’d be remiss however, if I neglected to add that you say Candyman’s name 5 times, not 3. I think the confusion arises from the fact that the Bloody Mary myth is if you say her name 3 times, she appears.
      My only issue with Prometheus was that they flew across the fucking galaxy, and the engineers were just really tall, slightly larger humanoids. I was really hoping they were going to have the same funky shaped heads as what turned out to be their suits.
      Still, it was a fun ride, and in IMAX 3D, dat shit was sexy as all Hell.

    • nazo

      I can’t believe Andrew tried to equivocate Alien and Prometheus by arguing that neither provided clear explanations. Alien perfectly explained everything that was needed to understand that particular story. Prometheus, because it’s telling a different type of story (a story about origins, i.e., causes, explanations), needs to give the audience different information, but it fails to do so. For example, I understand Ash’s motivations. He was acting on orders from the company. I have no idea what David’s motivations were half the time. I could make something up, but that doesn’t make Prometheus an intelligent movie.

      If you want to compare Prometheus (which wasn’t bad, for all I’m criticizing it) to a movie that is somewhat hard to follow, and doesn’t make everything obvious for the audience, what about Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy? In that movie, an example of good stroytelling, all the necessary information is given, but you have to piece some of it together. By the end of the movie, you don’t have to write fanfic to explain what happened.

      As for the comparison of the egg and the wriggly monster, I think I’m on fairly safe ground in stating that most people do not view egg-shaped objects as a threat, and do view snake-like organisms as dangerous. Also, if a hamster starting talking to me, I’d like to think I would listen instead of punting it across the room.

      As a result of listening to way too many DC podcasts, I’ve noticed that Uncle Creepy always defends an unpopular opinion by saying “It’s a little movie”, as if that somehow makes it better 🙂 I would also like to note that there was still no Yellowbrickroad evisceration, maybe next time, considering there aren’t any horror movies coming out for a month and a half. Lastly, that Never Sleep Again “fanmail” was amazing.

      Great show as always, and happy anniversary (again).

      wah wah wah waaaaaaaaaaah

    • Sexy Mcmanbeast

      Fuck yeah.

    • MonsterMash

      Eh. I appriciate what it tried to do. It certainly wasnt bad. Just not great. Pretty good. That abortion scene was badass. I loved the creepy lovecraft vibe it gave me.

    • Genrewriter

      Another good DFF, guys. And once again, congrats on six years.

    • Terminal

      There are so many plot holes and lapses in logic in “Prometheus,” I don’t get why it’s still so highly praised. When I saw it I was prepared to adore it but it’s just so abysmal.

      • conundrum

        Agreed. I found it odd that despite pretty much everyone on the show saying they liked it, the entire conversation of it broke down into “this did not make sense and there was this plothole, man it was such a good movie.” Trying to make the crew of Alien have made dumb moves on par with this crew is not even funny. They were space truckers. These were supposed to be scientists. Why is it different when a trucker approaches something unknown versus a supposed biologist running over to pet the new alien organism he found??? Do I really need to spell that out??? Calling Alien “a slasher in space” is also a bit of a slap in the face of a great, subtle movie. Yeah, subtle. Listen to Dan O’Bannon talk about writing the script some time. He refers to it as a sexual horror movie, pointing out how different aspects are meant to instill very specific reactions (i.e. the facehugger is meant to play on a fear of oral rape, the chestburster is meant to be a man having to deal with the consequences of a rape).

        And the fact is that the overall premise is severely flawed. You can tell yourself all you want that pointing humans toward your bio-weapon facility is logical, it is not. They were planning on wiping out humanity, why would they give them a map to the place where the attack is being launched? You can try to fill in the blanks and give them excuses, but at what point is that just cheating? Could I look at Transformers and tell you how if you make up all sorts of interesting stuff behind the scenes suddenly it is not stupid? No. It is still stupid. The script fails. The characters fail. The acting fails. And frankly the direction fails. It had really lofty goals, but I cannot say it made up for its terrible failings any more than I could say that the new Star Wars trilogy had great special effects so I can forgive their idiocy.

        Funny side note, I walked out of it thinking, “I have not seen so many characters with daddy issues since… hell, probably Lost. Wait a minute…”

        “Amazing Spider-Man” is not without its share of problems, but I was more forgiving of it than Foy was for the simple fact that they nailed the casting. I have argued with Andrew about this before, but the only movie where Toby McGuire and Kirsten Dunst were not pulling everything around them down was Spider-Man 3, and at that point everything surrounding them was just finally on their level. Garfield put forward a really nerdy, socially awkward Peter Parker, and a wise-cracking, confident Spider-Man. Exactly how it should be. I thought Gwen Stacy was first interested in him mostly because he stood up to Flash, which seems like a decent enough reason. Then she saw that they were both really into science. I really cannot say that the relationship was Twilight stupid, it made sense to me.

        • Terminal

          Calling “Alien” a slasher in space is like calling “Night of the Living Dead” a movie about people in a house. It’s ridiculous. Trying to bring Alien down to the level of Prometheus is like bringing The Empire Strikes Back on the level of Attack of the CLones. It’s absurd.