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Exclusive: Filmmaker Jack Perez Discusses Some Guy Who Kills People, Blowing Vegas Off the Map and More



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This week Some Guy Who Kills People, the indie horror comedy hit that wowed audiences at numerous film festivals worldwide during 2011, has finally made its way home to DVD shelves everywhere courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Produced by John Landis and written by Ryan A. Levin, Some Guy was helmed by director Jack Perez (Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus) and features an all-around brilliant ensemble including Kevin Corrigan (The Departed, Pineapple Express, Unstoppable), Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Spin City”), Karen Black (House of 1000 Corpses), Ariel Gade (Dark Water, Aliens Vs. Predator: Requiem, “Invasion”), Lucy Davis (Shaun of the Dead, the original BBC version of “The Office”) and Leo Fitzpatrick (Kids, Bully).

Recently Dread Central caught up with Perez for an exclusive chat about Some Guy Who Kills People, and while we were at it, we also checked in with the filmmaker about his upcoming Syfy project called Blowing Vegas Off the Map, which has Perez reteaming with Bostwick for the supernatural disaster flick.

Check out the highlights from our interview with Perez below, and make sure to check out Some Guy Who Kills People which is out on DVD now!

Dread Central: I know John Landis was originally attached to this project; can you talk a bit more about how you ended up landing the project and what initially attracted you to it? Was the comedic element to the story a huge appeal to you to as a storyteller?

Jack Perez: It wasn’t just the comedy stuff- everything about it made this such a great script to read. I really didn’t know that Landis had been attached to direct the movie at first; he had to step away to take the reins of Burke & Hare. which was something he’d been wanting to do for some time so it was totally understandable. John did stay on board as a producer, which was definitely great.

So then [writer/producer] Ryan [Levin] and everyone ended up having to look for a director, and lucky for me, my manager happened to know one of the co-producers on the project. And once I got hold of the material, I immediately fell in love with it. I’ve made some fun movies over the years, but I had been looking for a movie that spoke to me like Some Guy Who Kills People did. I just HAD to do it and knew I had to tell Ryan’s story.

I had already started sketching storyboards even before we had a meeting in place because I needed to show them that I could really serve Ryan’s story. Thankfully, they really liked my approach and I got hired; I was so psyched.

Dread Central: Did you work with Ryan at all on the script before shooting to give it your own touches, or is everything we see all his magic?

Jack Perez: You know, you always end up tweaking things to fit locations and things like that, but overall the magic in the script is all him. The only things that weren’t really specific in the script were the murder scenes so I elaborated on those more and gave them a bit more of a dramatic flair. I just thought that going for a far more theatrical approach to the murders would help the tone of the movie, and Ryan completely agreed. But all of the dialogue, those comedic touches- all of those were there from the beginning, and they are really what made that script so great.

Dread Central: I absolutely loved your cast in this; can you talk more about working with them to hit all those subtle comedic notes throughout the film?

Jack Perez: I love them, too! I’ve known Kevin Corrigan for a few years now, but we had never had the chance to work together but always wanted to. So when this project came along, I immediately saw him as Ken Boyd and knew he’d be great. Luckily, Kevin responded to the script as enthusiastically as I had, especially the relationship aspect of it. But I knew he had to be Ken- I don’t think I had a back-up plan had he said no.

Dread Central: I’m a huge Rocky Horror fan so I immediately lit up as soon as I saw Barry onscreen.

Jack Perez: He really steals this movie; even Kevin will tell you that. What’s really funny is that both Barry and Karen (Black) actually auditioned for this movie. I mean, had I even considered for a moment they would have even been available to us, trust me- they never would have had to audition. But they came in and read for us, and they both just nailed those roles perfectly.

And Ariel [Gade] was great, too- she’s such a pro for being so young. She’s just terrific.

Dread Central: So what’s coming up next for you? Are you planning on sticking around the horror genre for a while longer?

Jack Perez: Definitely; I actually just wrapped on a Syfy original movie called Blowing Vegas Off the Map if you can believe it. It’s a supernatural disaster movie, and I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I love Barry so much I just had to work with him again, and he’s in this as a lounge singer that is the expert on what’s happening in the movie. He’s really funny in it; I think fans will have fun with it.

I’m also working with Ryan again, and we are developing our next thriller so that’s in the works, too. Our ultimate goal is that we want to try and form our own production company to keep making movies together. That’s our primary focus for the future.

Exclusive: Filmmaker Jack Perez Discusses Some Guy Who Kills People, Blowing Vegas Off the Map and More

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Satan’s Cheerleaders Blu-ray Review – Sacrifice This Snoozer At The Altar!



Starring Jack Kruschen, John Ireland, Yvonne De Carlo, Jacqueline Cole

Directed by Greydon Clark

Distributed by VCI

The ‘70s. Satanism. Sultry cheerleaders. Sex appeal. With these tools nearly any low-budget filmmaker should be able to turn out something that is, at the very least, entertaining. The last thing a viewer expects when tuning in to a film called Satan’s Cheerleaders (1977) is to be bored to tears. But that is exactly the reaction I had while watching director Greydon Clark’s wannabe cult comedy. Even on a visual level this film can’t be saved, and it was shot by Dean Cundey! No, unfortunately there isn’t a cinematic element in the world that can overcome a roster of bad actors and a storyline so poorly constructed it plays like it was written on the day. The only saving grace, minor as it may be, is the casting of John Ireland as Sheriff B.L. Bubb (cute), a hard-nosed shitkicker who adds all the gravitas he can muster. But a watchable feature cannot be built upon the back of a single co-star, as every grueling minute of Satan’s Cheerleaders proves.

The cheerleaders and jocks of Benedict High School rule the campus, doing what they want, when they want, with little else on their minds except for The Big Game. Their belittling attitudes rub school janitor (and stuttering dimwit) Billy (Jack Kruschen) the wrong way. What they don’t know is Billy is (somehow) the head of a local Satanic cult, and he plans to place a curse on the clothes (really) of the cheerleaders so they… suck at cheerleading? Maybe they’ll somehow cause the jocks to lose the big game? When Billy isn’t busy plotting his cursed plans, he spies on the girls in the locker room via a hidden grate in the wall. I guess he doesn’t think being a sexual “prevert” is fair trade enough; might as well damn them all, too. Billy has his own plans to kidnap the girls, for his Lord and Master Satan, and he succeeds with ease when the girls’ van breaks down on the highway; he simply offers them a ride and they all pile in. But when Ms. Johnson (Jacqueline Cole) gets hip to his plan the two tussle in the front seat and Billy winds up having a heart attack.

The squad runs off in search of help, coming across the office of Sheriff B.L. Bubb (John Ireland), who, as the name implies, may be a legit Satanist. Bubb invites the girls inside, where they meet his wife, Emmy (Yvonne De Carlo), High Priestess of their quaint little satanic chapter. While the girls get acquainted with Emmy, Bubb runs off to find Billy, who isn’t actually dead. Wait, scratch that, Bubb just killed him for… some reason. The girls figure out things aren’t so rosy here at the Bubb estate, so they hatch an escape plan and most make it to the forest. The few that are left behind just kinda hang out for the rest of the film. Very little of substance happens, and the pacing moves from “glacial” to “permafrost”, before a semi-psychedelic ending arrives way too late.

“Haphazard” is one of many damning terms I can think of when trying to make sense of this film. The poster says the film is “Funnier Than The Omen… Scarier Than Silent Movie” which, objectively, is a true statement, though this film couldn’t hope to be in the same league as any of the sequels to The Omen (1976) let alone the original. It is a terminal bore. Every attempt at humor is aimed at the lowest common denominator – and even those jokes miss by a wide berth. True horror doesn’t even exist in this universe. The best I can say is some of the sequences where Satan is supposedly present utilize a trippy color-filled psychedelic shooting style, but it isn’t anything novel enough to warrant a recommendation. Hell, it only happens, like, twice anyway. The rest of the film is spent listening to these simple-minded sideline sirens chirp away, dulling the enthusiasm of viewers with every word.

A twist ending that isn’t much of a twist at all is the final groan for this lukewarm love letter to Lucifer. None of the actors seem like they know what the hell to be doing, and who can blame them with material like this? I had hoped for some sort of fun romp with pompoms and pentagram, like Jack Hill’s Swinging Cheerleaders (1974) for the Satanic set, but Clark provides little more than workmanlike direction; even Cundey’s cinematography is nothing to want on a resume.

Viewers have the option of watching either a “Restored” or “Original Transfer” version of the 1.78:1 1080p picture. Honestly, I didn’t find a ton of difference between the two, though the edge likely goes to the restored version since the title implies work has been done to make it look better. Colors are accurate but a little bland, and definition just never rises above slightly average. Film grain starts off heavy but manages to smooth out later on. Very little about the picture is emblematic of HD but given the roots this is probably the best it could ever hope to look.

Audio comes in the form of an English LPCM 2.0 track. The soundtrack sounds like it was lifted from a porno, while other tracks are clearly library music. Dialogue never has any obvious issues and sounds clear throughout. Subtitles are available in English SDH.

There are two audio commentary tracks; one, with director Greydon Clark; two, with David De Cocteau and David Del Valle.

A photo gallery, with images in HD, is also included.

Special Features:

  • Audio commentary with director Greydon Clark
  • Audio commentary with filmmakers David De Cocteau & David Del Valle
  • Photo gallery
  • Satan's Cheerleaders
  • Special Features


Although the title is enough to reel in curious viewers, the reality is “Satan’s Cheerleaders” are a defunct bunch with little spirit and no excitement. The ’70s produced plenty of classic satanic cinema and this definitely ain’t it.

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Friday the 13th Part 3: In Memoriam Documentary Now Available For Free!



It’s been a while since we’ve brought you guys any news of the Friday the 13th Part III documentary Friday the 13th Part 3: In Memoriam.

But no worries as today’s news couldn’t get much better. Yes, the entire 36-minute documentary is now available in its entirety online for free!

I know that as soon as I sign off for the day I’m going to be watching this doc at least twice. It seems like I’ve been looking forward to this forever now and I’m a big fan of Part 3 so I can think of no better way to spend my Monday night.

You can watch the full doc below and then make sure to let us know what you think!


This is a documentary featuring the last known footage of the set of Friday the 13th part 3 prior to its destruction. The plot involves what happened that fateful night in 2006 with additional stories from the cast members of Friday the 13th part 3 telling their memories of the production that took place in 1982.

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Such Sights to Show You – 01/17/18



Working on shedding those holidays pounds at your local gym? As you’re about to see from the latest entry of Such Sights to Show You, things may not always be what they seem, and the best of intentions can lead you straight to the old coroner’s slab!

Kevin D. Clark is a cartoonist from Scotland who grew up watching classic monster movies, cartoons and wrestling, as well as reading comics. He started drawing at an early age and hasn’t stopped since. His sense of humor is a veritable cornucopia of the wacky and weird inspired by the likes of Monty Python, Mel Brooks, “MST3K,” Rab C. Nesbitt, as well as his older brother.

Kevin was diagnosed with Aspergers and because of that, he tries to push himself to work as hard as possible. Kevin also has a self-published comic book and helps run a film club for autistic people. He has recently earned a degree in cartooning from the London Art College and he’s pretty sure that he could take an octopus in a fight.

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