Exclusive Video Interview from the Set of Raze with Zoë Bell and Tracie Thoms; More Details from Robert Beaucage and Others

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On June 22nd we hit the set of Josh C. Waller’s action/horror feature Raze and chatted with writer/co-producer Robert Beaucage as well as two of the stars, Zoë Bell and Tracie Thoms.

During our second visit to Raze (we spent some time on set last year when it was envisioned as a web series; watch our interview with Zoë Bell, Rachel Nichols and Josh C. Waller here), we found the project has grown into a feature length film, following the pre-sales it garnered at Cannes and the addition of Quincy Studios, which has paired with Cosmic Toast Studios on the production.

Shooting Day 15 of 2012 principal photography on the Red Epic, Raze’s total shooting schedule has grown as well to 36 days. Its cast, too, has ballooned, and in addition to stars Rachel Nichols (P2, The Amityville Horror), Bell (who also produces) and Thoms (Death Proof), Raze now features the talents of Bailey Anne Borders, Rebecca Marshall (Saw 3D), Doug Jones (Pan’s Labyrinth) and Bruce Thomas. Fetching newcomer and badass Natalie Pero also joins in the fracas.

“We’ve been talking about how they should do every movie together because they are just so good together and so awesome,” mused a tight-lipped Beaucage while outside the production trailer in regard to the cinematic pairing of Bell and Thoms (the two last appeared onscreen together as the “ship mast” girls in Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 feature Death Proof).

Of Thoms’ character in Raze, “She plays ‘Teresa’, who is one of the fifty women abducted and forced to fight for their lives,” revealed Beaucage. “She is in a cell next to Zoë’s character of ‘Sabrina,’ and Bailey Border’s character is on the other side of her. So the three of them plot together and try to figure out a way to fight against the powers-that-be.”

After touring the immersive set, which included an elevator car, prison cells and a fighting pit, we chatted with makeup effects department head Mario Torres, Jr. (Hellboy 2), who showed us some rather impressive prosthetic gags, and actor Thomas (those spoiler-heavy interviews will be published closer to the film’s release so as to not ruin the flick’s twists and turns), as well as Bell and Thoms. That video interview can be seen below.

As for Beaucage’s and Cosmic Toast Studios’ future projects, the filmmaker revealed, “We are producing with Cinipix the feature film Suppression, which I will be directing later this year, so that’s exciting. It’s a suspense thriller, which we will be shooting this fall in Philadelphia.”

“I also have a horror/comedy that we will be doing as well,” stated Beaucage, who previously wrote and directed the indie horror/fantasy feature Spike, “and that project will have girls fighting and demons and monsters. Its working title is Scream Queens. There’s also a slate of flicks that Cosmic Toast and Cinipix will be producing on the heels of these films, including The Devil’s Ink directed by (Raze producer) Kenny Gage and Mechanic, directed by Josh Waller.”

With regard to post on Raze, “We are already editing,” said Beaucage. “It’s looking good. By the time we finish shooting, we’ll have pretty much a rough cut of the film. We are going to deliver the film by November by the latest, and we are planning on a theatrical release for it.”

Raze focuses on two abducted women and 50 other women who are forced to fight each other using their bare hands, all for the sadistic enjoyment of an elite, voyeuristic society that follows one rule — “Fight or Die.”

For more check out the official Raze website, and “like” Raze on Facebook.

New Raze Imagery Has a Lot of Character

New Raze Imagery Has a Lot of Character

New Raze Imagery Has a Lot of Character

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