Foycast XI: Graveyard Love

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Foycast XI: Graveyard LoveSo many people have repeatedly asked, “When are you going to do another Foycast?” Your 16-month wait is finally over! The 275,986th most pointless podcast on the Internet finally returns to the broadcast airwaves to rob listeners of 90 minutes of their time. Careful what you wish for.

The recording of this show last week was mostly an experiment to see if I could even make it happen for reasons I’ll explain at the outset of the show. That’s also why this will be the first Foycast without Uncle Creepy. Instead I’ll be joined by Dread Central’s own Matt Fini. That’s yet another thing I explain at the show’s outset. Because there was no guarantee the recording would even work (about 13 minutes of it had to be scrapped in post due to audio issues), Fini and I went into this with almost no game plan and somehow still managed to fill over an hour and a half. You do realize you could watch an actual movie in the time it will take you to listen this show?

Topics discussed include a brief discussion of last week’s “Piranhacontroversy”, Fini and I review the modern day Golan-Globus commando flick Act of Valor, talk about insanely astronomical movie budgets and why they probably shouldn’t be wasted on movies like Battleship, I recount some unfortunate evening news sound bites, “graveyard love”, and a look forward at the major movie releases of 2013 that somehow dragged on far longer than I ever imagined it could when I brought up the topic.

So if you have about 95 minutes to waste – let’s be honest, if you’re willing to listen to this and count the number of times I say “umm”, you truly are wasting them – here it is: the 11th Foycast over one year in the making.

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    • nazo

      I’ll offer a tentative recommendation for Safe. It’s not a good movie, but the plot becomes so ludicrous that I had fun watching it, and I think Matt and Foy might as well.

    • Genrewriter

      Great to have another Foycast!

    • NYC-Hearts

      This is awesome f’n news. That is all.

    • theGoldenSimatar

      So happy to listen again.

      Call of Valor….I mean Act of Valor stunk and anything by Canon or Golan-Globus was miles better than Act of Valor.

      Early next year, I would say Jack the Giant Killer, Elysium, Hansel & Gretel I’m quite excited about. Curious about Texas Chainsaw 3D.

      Wolfgang Petersen (Das Boot, Neverending Story) was originally slated to do Ender’s Game. Roland Emmerich was going to do one of Assimov’s stories: “Atlas something”

      • Psyclone

        I believe you are mistaken in regards to Emmerich. He was going to do Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” though that project was either cancelled and/or in development hell. The reason why, as Foy mentioned, everyone was so against him doing that is because not only is that book a sci-fi classic but it’s pretty much the antithesis of Emmerich: The book has very little action since everyone is focused on AVOIDING a violent solution. Not to mention that from what I heard at one point Emmerich even publicly stated “The original book didn’t have an actual villain. We’re going to ‘fix’ that”.

        Anyway, great show Foy. Glad to see another Foycast and I can’t wait until the next DFF. The Prometheus and Chernobyl Diaries discussions will be…interesting.

    • nazo

      A new Foycast! Woo!

    • LifeMi

      Excellent Foycast, guys. As much as I love Creepy, I enjoyed the switch in co-host and hope Buz and Kasch get to co-host future Foycasts.

    • Uncle Creepy

      *grumbles incoherently for 3 mins*

      • Masked Slasher


    • Masked Slasher

      In which I learn the word is VITRIOL and not VIRITOL.

      Now I headdesk myself.

      • Uncle Creepy

        VIRITOL™ … sold over the counter for the angry elderly.

    • Terminal

      A 16 Month wait. Thanks David Chase. 😛