Bangor, Maine Trains Emergency Responders with Zombie Apocalypse Scenario

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There are all kinds of ways emergency responders train. Having some experience in this field, I can tell you there are loads of ways to practice putting out fires or rescuing victims. But Bangor, Maine may have come up with the most impressive yet… Zombie Apocalypse Day.

Jordan Buck, a nurse from Brewster, ME, perhaps inspired by the fact that the master of all horror, Stephen King, takes up residence in Bangor, dreamed up Zombie Apocalypse Day to train emergency responders. Over 100 EMTs from eight Maine counties attended the training in Bangor last week.

EMTs were told they were dealing with a scenario that involved locals falling victim to a zombie plague that originated in Jamaica and was spread by bites. This was to help the trainees improve their infectious disease response. The zombies were created by local make-up artist Don Wade, who specializes in artificial wounds for medical and military training. Throughout the evolution, infected zombies would try to infect others by biting them. The bitten would have to find EMTs to administer vaccine or quickly turn into the walking dead themselves. The responders had to decide how to ration medicine and deal with mass causalities.

To ramp up the realism, organizers added things like vigilante violence and uninfected civilians stealing their supplies. Press conference footage from Dawn of the Dead was played on a huge screen to enhance the ambiance.

So an intelligent reader would be starting to put clues together…the CDC puts out info on dealing with a zombie apocalypse last year…people are eating each other’s faces off in Florida while seemingly impervious to police gunfire… and now professional emergency medical technicians are training for a zombie apocalypse in Maine. Yes, folks, it won’t be long now. Be prepared. Be very prepared.

Bangor, Maine Trains Emergency Responders with Zombie Apocalypse Scenario

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  • Vanvance1

    I think it’s more likely we’re involved in a ‘They Live’ type scenario even as we type.

  • Hakk Wylde

    Nice! Hmm. Anyone ever think that this would be -yannow, theoretically- a great way for the government to prepare the populace for bio-warfare…by using our own bloody zeitgeists against us? Yeah. Hmmmm… 😉