Will Lennie James (Morgan) Return to The Walking Dead?

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One character that fans of The Walking Dead comics are hoping will return to the TV series is Morgan Jones, portrayed by Lennie James; and according to a recent interview with James, that very well could transpire.

According to Digital Spy, James said that he would be open to a return to the AMC series and admitted that there had been talks. However, so far he has been unable to match up dates in his schedule with the show’s filming.

It remains a possibility I could return. The character I played is away for a long time so it’s kind of up to them whether I stay away or if I come back,” James said. “There have been a few back and forth conversations, and they check up on me every now and then. I had a fantastic time working on the pilot with Andy Lincoln and especially Frank Darabont. He’s somebody that I’d directorially always wanted to work with, and I’m glad I got the opportunity.

Shooting ‘The Walking Dead’ pilot was like making a movie. For a large part of it there was just me, Andy, and Adrian [Kali Turner], who played my son [Duane]. We got Frank all to ourselves, which was fantastic.” He added, “There’s a possibility I might go back. It just depends on timing-wise if I’m free. At least one of the times they contacted me about it, I was busy doing something else.

Will Lennie James (Morgan) Return to The Walking Dead?

Here’s Morgan’s character description per AMC:

Following the walker outbreak, Morgan evacuated with his wife, Jenny, and his son, Duane. Their plan was to head for Atlanta in search of military protection. En route, a walker attacked Jenny, forcing the family to seek refuge in Rick’s hometown. “After she died,” Morgan tells Rick, whom he finds disoriented near his house, “I guess we just froze in place.”

Fiercely protective, Morgan barricades himself and Duane inside a vacant house. Despite the dire conditions, Morgan still endeavors to create normalcy for Duane, correcting his son’s grammar and praying before meals. But both remain haunted by the loss of Jenny, who returns to the house regularly as a walker.

Rick and Morgan eventually part ways, promising to meet up in Atlanta after Duane learns to shoot. Morgan’s final warning to Rick: “They might not seem like much one at a time. But in a group, all riled up and hungry? Man, you watch your ass.”

Later, Rick tries to reach Morgan on his walkie-talkie, warning him away from Atlanta (“It belongs to the dead now”) and instructing Morgan to head to the CDC. Rick’s transmissions go unanswered.

Hopefully the fans’ desire to see Morgan again won’t meet the same fate.

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    Lennie James is a brilliant actor, I wouldn’t mind if he came back.