The Unsinkable Meets the Unbelievable in Aliens vs. Titanic

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From the maker of Aliens vs. Avatars comes Aliens vs. Titanic. It’s not a sequel. It’s also not referring to “that” Titanic. No, this alien is terrorizing the spaceship Titanic!

TomKat Films has announced the newest sci-fi mash-up from Lewis Schoenbrun, the director of Aliens vs. Avatars and The Amazing Bulk. I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t much of a fan of either of those films, but I’ll still be the first in line to buy a ticket to see a movie titled Aliens vs. Titanic, in which a vicious alien monster goes berserk aboard an intergalactic luxury liner.

Offering only the finest amenities, the ‘TITAN 1C’ is considered the most luxurious star-liner ever built. Excited to be touring through space with some of the world’s elite, Violet Ducator quickly settles in for the trip of a lifetime.

When a sudden meteor storm smashes into the hull, a deadly biological experiment is let loose in the ship’s duct system. Finding a suitable host, the retrovirus successfully merges with one of the passengers, transforming them into a seemingly invincible predator with the “touch of death”.

As the creature moves through the ship, leaving a wake of death in its path, the remaining passengers must quickly band together before it has a chance to slaughter them all.

Thankfully, the tagline is “The Unsinkable meets the Unthinkable” and not “In Space No One Can Hear My Heart Go On.”

Schoenbrun assures me the movie is not a sequel to Aliens vs. Avatars despite the similarity of the titles and artwork. It’s definitely in the same vein, though.

A very short teaser trailer for Aliens vs. Titanic is also online even though it seems fairly evident that the movie is not yet in production. Check it out!

The Unsinkable Meets the Unbelievable in Aliens vs. Titanic

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  • Vanvance1

    At this point it’s sure to be more interesting and less preachy than anything that will come from James Cameron.

    • Foywonder

      Oh, come on now. Let’s not go overboard with the Cameron hate. Still the guy that made Terminator, T2, Aliens, True Lies, The Abyss, Piranha 2: The Spawning.

      • Vanvance1

        All good points but he’s become so painfully self-indulgent behind the camera that only Jackson can match him (just how long did King Kong really need to be).

        Avatar gets a thumbs up for it’s sound mix; outside of that it looked like a video game written by a 10 year old who had just read 3 John Carter books.

        • theGoldenSimatar

          If you want “self-indulgent” you can take a look at Terrance Malik. Badlands and Days of Heaven were actual films…but Thin Red Line, New World, and Tree of Life were self-indulgent, pretentious art farts.

          • Vanvance1

            Tree of Life is on my to see list… Sighs.

          • theGoldenSimatar

            It’s very simple to explain. The space shots and the opening credits of Prometheus for about an hour and forty-five minutes…plus about 20-30 minutes of “narrative” that looks like a student film.

          • Terminal

            Give me Tree of Life over Avatard any day of the week. The script for avatar reads like something from a fifth grade creative writing project. So the bad guys want the power from the big powerful tree, but the blue cat people won’t let them take it! So the good guy is now a cat person and he fights them back! Cool huh?!

          • nazo

            I liked the 45 minutes of dinosaurs and NASA footage, I just didn’t care about the period piece vignettes starring Brad Pitt as an abusive yet distant father.

      • Masked Slasher

        I’ll back the original Terminator.

        Aliens is cool, too.

        I haven’t liked a single thing he’s done outside of that.

        • nazo

          even Aliens…it’s still a decent movie, and I think Lance Henriksen saves it from going too far off the rails, but I’ve watched it three times, and each time I’ve enjoyed it less. My main problems with it are that it’s really long, and the little girl/family dynamic gets more and more annoying.

          Actually, every Cameron movie I’ve seen multiple times (Aliens, T2, Avatar (which I enjoyed in the theater because I’m a sucker for nature documentaries with lots of explosions, but I couldn’t even finish when one of my friends put on the DVD) has fared worse the second time around. It’s made me almost reluctant to revisit Terminator (my favorite movie of his), although at least that one is somewhat concise, and there aren’t any little kids that I can remember.

          • Masked Slasher

            The Terminator is still a brilliant piece of sci-fi/horror. I’ve watched it countless times over the years and it still holds up.

            I’ve always liked – not loved – ALIENS. The pace doesn’t quite work for me in either version. But I respect the movie and its fans … there’s a lot to like in there and I totally get that.

            Everything after that has rubbed me the wrong way:

          • nazo

            I can understand that. I’ll probably revisit The Terminator sometime soon.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    I remember reading a little about this around the time of Cannes. Though judging by the plot; there’s gonna be more ‘Versus’ in Komodo vs Cobra than in this.