Fear the Paperboy(!) on Rosewood Lane

Looks like before the Creeper comes back to sniff out some new victims, Victor Salva will be taking us down a trip to Rosewood Lane where horror hides in the most unlikely of places.

Shock Till You Drop scored the first details and even a teaser poster.

Director Salva begins shooting Rosewood Lane early next year with Jeepers Creepers alumni Gina Phillips and Ray Wise set to star.

Phillips stars as a radio therapist who returns home only to find the entire town terrorized and living in fear of the local paperboy, who apparently exhibits some murderous tendencies.

Click on the image tease below for the full poster and more.

Fear the Paperboy(!) on Rosewood Lane

- Uncle Creepy

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Pennywise's picture

Didn't we already have a killer paperboy movie?

I'm not really comfortable with Victor Salva directing a film featuring a young boy to begin with either.

Submitted by Pennywise on Sun, 11/29/2009 - 5:37am.

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