Doug Bradley and Nivek Ogre Featured in Kickstarter Success Story Scream Park

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Amusement parks certainly have the potential to be creepy. We saw that in Funhouse and plenty of films since. Now a film that actually started as a Kickstarter campaign and succeeded in raising the funds brings a new angle to the amusement park horror idea. Take a look at Scream Park.

Starring legendary genre actor Doug Bradley (of Hellraiser fame) and the always horrifically active Nivek Ogre (of Skinny Puppy), Scream Park is currently in production. The film stars Bradley, Ogre, Wendy Wygant and Steve Rudzinski. Cary Hill will be directing and producing the film.

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From the Press Release
Scream Park is a throwback to the golden age of ’80s slasher films.

The film came about with the desire to produce a feature length horror film. Scream Park is a response to the current Hollywood trend of remakes, rehashes, sequels, and prequels and the desire to see an original tale come to the screen. It also celebrates the golden age of the slasher film (1980s) and the bloody, lighthearted camp of it all. We love those movies so why not make one (even if we’re 25 years late)?

The project started as a small one, with limited scope and scale. However, it quickly grew, and suddenly we found ourselves on set with Doug Bradley (playing a deliciously evil character, of course). The wonderful Conneaut Lake Park, Pennsylvania, became involved and will be the setting for our fictional theme park. It provides the perfect backdrop for our little slasher film.

Skinny Puppy lead singer Ogre (Repo! The Genetic Opera, 2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams, The Devil’s Carnival) has also joined the project, taking the role of a murderous mountain man. The cast is rounded out with talented Pittsburgh local actors, including up and comer Wendy Wygant.

Doug Bradley and Nivek Ogre Featured in Kickstarter Success Story Scream Park

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