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We admit it. We’re not always right. In fact, like everyone else sometimes we miss the mark by a mile. Still, one man’s trash is another’s treasure, and in that spirit we’d like to take this time to poke a little fun at ourselves and look back at some of the reviews we get no end of shit for.

Now, be it known… most of us here at Dread Central will stick to our guns and say fuck it, we liked what we liked! Popular opinion be damned! However, there are a few listed here that we wish we could take back or just completely rewrite. Were we caught up in the moment? Were we on some mind-altering substance? Drunk maybe? Or did we just plain like a stinker? You decide as we take a look back at some of our worst moments.

Dread Central's Regrets, Reviews, and Regards - Sometimes We Suck

Let’s start with me. I have two flicks that I gave positive reviews to that will haunt me to my grave…

Uncle Creepy
Tamara (review) and The Devil Inside (review).

Looniest Quotes
“Tamara is a well crafted, solid little film that will thrill you, chill you, and at times make your skin crawl.”

“The Devil Inside is home to moments that will shock, scare, disturb, and leave you gasping.”

It’ll never cease to amaze me how the 3 or 3 1/2 out of 5 rated movies can be the most controversial amongst the fan base. The thing is, I genuinely liked these two flicks and had a blast with each of ’em. Sure, one was derivative and the other was missing an ending! What can I say? One thing’s for sure, though – I heard you guys loud and clear. You’ve made me humble… old country style.

The Foywonder
The Gingerdead Man (review) and the The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (review).

Looniest Quotes
“Like any good snack treat The Gingerdead Man is non-nutritious, but it just tastes so damn good.”

“The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor, though not great by any means, is fairly entertaining (up to a point) in an in-one-ear-and-out-the-other, use once and dispose sort of way. It’s not even anywhere near as aggressive in its idiocy as the previous two.”

You know some would say that Foy should be cut some slack given the amount of bullets he’s taken for the team, but hey, no one is twisting his arm to watch the entire Asylum film catalog!

Matt (Masked Slasher) Fini
Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (review) and The Wolfman (review).

Looniest Quotes
“It’s the same Haddonfield from John Carpenter’s film – only seventeen years older and more battered. After the debacle of transforming the Myers house into a Gothic mansion in Halloween 5, Chappelle deserves some credit for taking Part 6 back to the aesthetic basics of the original.”

“The Wolfman works because Johnston approaches the material with an obvious love and respect for the werewolf mythos. Not only does the moon have a beautifully foreboding presence throughout the course of the film, but the titular beast is plagued both by ghastly nightmares and a disorienting increase in his senses to help convey the “curse” of lycanthropy.”

Matt is a really eccentric kind of viewer as he can find some good in just about everything whether it’s there or not. He cannot be warned off a bad movie, and he’ll buy a shitty flick on Blu-ray just to have it. Yep, in some ways you have to respect that.

Heather (TheHorrorChick) Wixson
Platinum Dunes’ A Nightmare on Elm Street (review) and Piranha 3DD (review).

Looniest Quotes
“The solid performances, stunning cinematography and visuals, and revamped and brutal Freddy make this A Nightmare on Elm Street worth checking out. “

“Piranha 3DD could very well be the most fun genre fans will have at the multiplex this summer.”

We love Heather. Rarely will you find someone more enthusiastic about the horror genre, and believe me when I tell you this chick is as legit a fan as they come. However, sometimes her enthusiasm ends up getting a bit of the best of her, and when that happens … OOF!

Buz “Danger” Wallick
There can be only one for The Buz, and it is Shark Swarm (review).

Looniest Quotes
“Most killer shark movies these days are nothing short of awful, but Shark Swarm kept me entertained the whole way through, and it rightfully deserves its place as one of the better films in the killer animal movie genre”

“The pacing is also a plus. Coming in at 164 minutes, it is a pretty long watch. However, it really doesn’t feel that long because the shark attacks just keep coming, and it doesn’t let up. Needless to say, I was never bored. “

Meet Buz. Buz likes movies with sharks in them. Maybe a little too much!

Andrew Kasch
As I am haunted by mine, Andrew will be FOREVER haunted by his love for Platinum Dunes’ The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (review).

Looniest Quotes
“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is the real deal – the very film the remake aspired and failed to be. Not only is it the best installment in the Chainsaw canon since Tobe Hooper’s original, it’s also the most brutal film to ever emerge from a studio. No hyperbole. No bullshit.”

“This is a rare case of all the right talents coming together to produce something truly unforgettable.”

“The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is not only the biggest surprise of 2006, it may very well be the best horror film of the year.”

Andrew now reflects on this review with disdain. He insists he can take it back and cites it as a momentary lapse of reason. Sorry, dude, you made your bed. Fucking sleep in it!

Debi (The Woman in Black) Moore

While not a misfire review by any means, Deb took no end of flack for her opinion on Moon (review).

Looniest Quote
“There’s been some quibbling as to whether or not Moon falls in the horror category, but with its thick coating of dread and a menacing evil controlling the whole thing — that says horror to me.”

And there lies the line. The single line that kept the comments section cooking for days. It’s always a struggle around here to decide what we should and shouldn’t be covering. What do YOU think? Tell us below.

Our newest reviewer found himself in a shitstorm this week for daring to like Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (review).

Looniest Quotes
“Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance is a far better (and far more enjoyable) romp that more closely captures the edgy comic book that serves as its inspiration.”

“If you’re a fan of comic-booky horror flicks with loads of inventive action, do yourself a favor: forget that wretched initial installment and give this one a shot.”

Welcome to the party, pal! See that cross? Hang from it with glee as with that last review you’ve officially joined the “Are you fucking kidding me?” club. Nomad liked the movie, too. Speaking of which ..

Hannibal Rising (review) and My Soul to Take (review).

Looniest Quotes
“Hannibal Rising is a slick and horrifying ride you are forced to experience at the edge of a knife.”

“Vintage Craven in top form. I’m actually still mulling over the magical quality that makes this so.”

Agree with him, love him, or hate him, Nomad has sparked no end of conversation for some of his reviews, and while sometimes we cannot help but ask, “Seriously, what the fuck were you thinking?”, you just can’t help but be curious. Bonus point for him for writing the only perfect review Uwe Boll has ever received with his take on Postal (review).

So there you have it, kids. Some of our absolute worst moments. Sure there’s more, but these will do for now. Right, wrong, it doesn’t matter really, and in the end what YOU think is all that really counts. There’s only one thing I can tell you as a fact – we do this because we love it and we love you, no matter how much shit you give us. It’s your passion that fuels our passion. We may not always be right, but we’ll always do our best to be honest and here for you cats. Warts and all.

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  • FleshyHeadedMutant

    I would just add The Buzs’ review of The Fourth Kind to this list .

    • The Buz


      Yeah, if I could take back my opinion on that one I would.

      That being said, will stick by my guns on Fright Night remake. Don’t give a shit what you all say.

  • PrairieGhost

    This was a great read. You guys need to do this again at some point.

  • matzy

    Its ok Buz, cause nobody defends Red Water with Lou Diamond Phillips and Coolio quite like I do

  • James Coker

    Ladies and Gentleman…Cinemascribe! the Man with the highest burning Hatred for Halloween 3 ever on DreadCentral! 🙂

  • James Coker

    anyone out there who actually likes Tobe Hoopers EATEN ALIVE, Dead and Rotting and Hell Asylum? or im I alone on those ones too? LOL

    • LeBay

      I like Eaten Alive in all its colorful and swampy zaniness quite a bit. I really like The Funhouse, which I don’t hear many people bring up (so maybe people think it’s bad?). I can see in it the director who would make Poltergeist a year later, even with Spielberg constantly looking over his shoulder.

  • James Coker

    Mr. Dark . . . FATHER’S DAY!

  • Mr. Dark

    For once, I’m absolutely not sad at all that I’m not mentioned in an article referencing DC staff.


  • James Coker

    Nazo: . . . Wow. . . and I thought I was the only one here on Dreadcentral who liked Jason goes to Hell 🙂

    now if only there was someone here who also likes the Black Christmas Remake

    • nazo

      I can’t help you there. I believed everyone who said it sucked, and never watched it.

  • nazo

    I have to say, if the 2nd most egregious review Foy has written in all these years was a 2.5 knife review for a dumb blockbuster, that’s pretty impressive. And I kind of like The Gingerdead Man, although 4 knives is a little over the top.

    Liking the Nightmare On Elm Street remake is indefensible.

    • Foywonder

      I thought I had given Mummy 3 a full 3 knife review? No wonder I the quote Creepy pulled as an example of my egregious opinions sounded more apologetic than an outright endorsement.

      As for Gingerdead Man, I still enjoyed that movie but giving it 4/5 was absurd. If I had to do over again I’d still give it a 3/5. I also realize how overboard I went with that review after watching Gingerdead Man 3 which was easily the best of series.

  • James Coker

    Terminal: happy to know that Matt and I arent the only ones who Liked the WolfMan Remake ^_^

    and second I can’t understand how some of you guys can like the Platinum dunes Friday or Elm Street…but hey I like the Black Christmas Remake so I am no Different

  • James Coker

    Cinemascribe: hahahahaha Tell me what you disliked about Dead Hate the Living and Halloween 3 huh? and any thoughts on Jason Goes To Hell, Dead Clowns or the Black Christmas Remake, Ive probably heard them 🙂

    • Cinemascribe

      I thought The Dead Hate the Living was boring and cheap and devoid of even the slightest bit of suspense. I fell asleep halfway through it when I watched it on VHS way back in the day.

      Halloween III? Hahahaha..oh , wait,you’re serious? Okay then.

      Let’s start with the biggest gripe: The plot is inane.I don’t mean that it merely deviated from the formula in the first two films.. I mean it’s literally absurd. Conal Cochran wants to sacrifice all of America’s kiddies on Halloween night as part of some half assed pagan ritual to celebrate the festival of Samhain. Great. Okay, putting aside the oft asked question of what he could possibly hope to gain from the wholesale murder of children except maybe going down as history’s biggest fuck stick, let’s examine the potential success of this plot for a moment.

      Oh, wait, it had none. Precisely fifteen minutes after phone calls starting pouring into every single emergency service call center in the continental United States reporting that thousands of kids were inexplicably sprouting crickets from their pie holes , law enforcement would deduce that all of this happy crap traces back to the toymaker and then the military would send a couple of F-15 Tomcats to bomb Cochran’s little Midwestern fiefdom back into the dust from whence it came. And that’s only if the rampaging mob of parents whose kids (or whose neighbors kids) got killed didn’t get there first and beat Cochran to death with his own shoes. Not to mention that there has never been a Halloween night where every single kid wore only one of three specific` masks made by a single toy company that advertises by way of a jingle that is so irritatingly hard to forget that you want to toss a brick into the Zenith and head for the hills. In fact, most kids I knew growing up preferred to handle their own make up and create their own costumes. Not to mention the reality of human response to that sort of advertising: The “London Bridge” derived Silver Shamrock ad has music that is so annoying that any Halloween night broadcast featuring nothing but a flashing electronic pumpkin accompanied by those irritatingly soulless tones repeating on an endless loop would have every parent in the country shouting at their kids “turn that shit off” long before the laser equipped disc on the back of the mask had a chance to fire. Which brings up another point: The only successful test of the flashing pumpkin scenario was carried out on unsuspecting victims who had been lured into a LOCKED ROOM. Given how long the demonstrated effect of the electronic pumpkin/laser mask combo took to kick in during that experiment, you’d have to guess that the majority of parents would hustle their kids out of the room, yank the masks off their kids head or turn off the damned TV before things even came close to getting that far. So what you’d end up with is a relatively small part of the population of any given suburban neighborhood dying while everyone else kind of stands around wondering what the fuck is going on,all the while figuring out immediately who’s responsible.

      Here’s what I imagine a typical conversation would be like between kids on the Halloween night alluded to in Halloween III:

      “Hey, Bobby, let’s go get Timmy. We can hit the houses on the next street over and score some serious candy.”

      “Aw, hey, didn’t you hear, man? Timmy’s in the hospital. Ambulance showed up and hauled him off an hour ago.”

      “Damn..what happened?”

      “I dunno. Katey Becksworth was telling me some weird shit about snakes and his dad destroying the television with a baseball bat. His parents seemed hell pissed though. They had that goofy Jack O Lantern mask Timmy was wearing in hand and were lighting torches and carrying pitchforks when they left the house and joined a mob of other parents .”

      “Wow. Ah well. More candy for us. Come on, before all the Snickers are gone.”

      So not only does this movie do away with the plot line that lured fans back into the theater to begin with by representing itself as a sequel that it actually isn’t by calling itself part III , but it does so in favor of a completely arbitrary villainous plot that has virtually NO CHANCE of actually succeeding. Even worse- the stupid motherfucker attempting said plot already has killer robots! This asshole has actually assembled a small army of functional killer robots and instead of just making oh, maybe ten thousand more of them and sending them out to inflict some sort of violent automaton jihad on society, he opts for some lame crap involving killer masks.

      – The film apparently runs out of script before it ends. Watch Halloween III again sometime. Between the time Tom Atkins escapes the chair and removes the skull mask Cochran slipped over his head and the final scene with Atkins trying to call the television stations in an attempt to shut the broadcast down (in itself the progenitor of a hilariously illogical moment. Listen to Atkins’ dialog: “The third channel, turn off the third channel.” Well, Tom you’re talking to the TV people over the telephone.,its an aural medium, not a visual one. You should probably be more specific) theres no dialogue. It’s Atkins running around a warehouse, raining boxes of discs down on a bargain basement computer array before his girlfriend inexplicably turns up as a pissed off mannequin. Yep. That sure tops Laurie Strode being relentlessly stalked by her seemingly indestructible older brother for generating suspense.

      – The production values are largely crap. There are some admittedly decent gore effects (the aftermath of the laser misfire leaps to mind) , but otherwise this film looks like it was made for about eight bucks and change. The aforementioned warehouse scene at the end that’s supposed to take place in Cochran’s command center (or whatever you call it) is the sort of set you’d expect to find in an Ed Wood film, replete with an entirely unconvincing mock up of a Stonehenge rock. The original Halloween, by contrast, is legendary for looking fairly slick on a much smaller budget.

      And speaking of the original film, that leads me to the other major issue with Halloween III: it isn’t scary. At all. Unlike the first two, which both managed their fair share of genuine jolts, Halloween III didn’t even make my skin crawl when it tried to. It flatlines from the opening scenes and plods along, showing us images that could (and should) have bothered me if it had even tried to have me giving one flying fuck about any of the characters..but it didn’t. And this is the (supposed) second sequel in a series launched with the film I still consider the greatest American horror film ever made.

      So, yeah. I can’t get behind any of the latter day cult love for Halloween III. I don’t think it’s so bad its good. It’s just..bad. Really, really bad. If you think Elm Street 2010 pissed all over the original, I’ll counter that Halloween III took a huge, stinking shit on Michael Myers entire franchise and its fans up to that point. Even if it had just been called Season of the Witch, without the Halloween tie in, this movie would still suck rancid monkey sack. To add the name of a far superior pair of films to the mix was a douche move.

      • Shambling_in_Bandages

        For such a lengthy critique of ‘Halloween 3”s faults, it relies an awful lot on the idea that the government and citizens of USA c.1983 could, within a 15-minute window, ascertain (a) what the hell had just happened, (b) why the hell it had just happened, (c) who, if anyone, was responsible for what the hell had just happened and (d) everyone’s just fine and dandy with the idea of targeting a small American town for a military attack without any actual proof whatsoever.

        People are never that instantly all-knowing and governments are never that decisive.

        Cochran’s plan doesn’t need every kid to be wearing those masks. Cochran’s plan only needs enough kids to be wearing the masks, a small window of opportunity and enough parents or babysitters hoping to keep the kids happy by letting them watch the Big Giveaway.

        A handful of seconds later… ZAP! Pandemonium. Nobody knows what the hell is happening, how the hell it’s happening, or who- oh, I’ve just been killed by a poisonous creepy-crawly. I guess I won’t be phoning the emergency services, after all. And this WTF mayhem is happening everywhere. At the same time. Those emergency phone lines? They’re jammed, because they’re not built for this sort of mass-emergency. And the people shouting down the lines aren’t making much sense to the dispatchers. At first, they think it’s a joke. Then they think someone’s spiked the local reservoir with acid. At first, they think that may be an idiotic prank. Nothing intentionally malevolent. Eventually, at best, they’ll think terrorism. What they don’t think is: Hmm, must be a highly-organized-if-a-little-crazy diabolical plan to kill the children by an ancient witch posing as a toymaker and we know just where his Evil Mastermind Lair is located, let’s re-enact the climax of a Michael Bay blockbuster and think about the consequences later if it turns out we’re completely off base.

        15 minutes? I really don’t think so. Cochran’s killed more than enough people and accomplished whatever witchy supernatural shenanigans he wanted to long before America collectively does anything.

  • Terminal

    This was a funny article. But I’m not throwing out titles to suggest that my taste could be wrong. Because opinions are opinions and there’s no right and wrong with opinions. If Creepy thought The Devil Inside wasn’t that bad, that’s his opinion. Surely, I gave him crap for it because I thought it was funny, but it’s his opinion.

    As for my opinion, I thought The Village and The Happening were brilliant.

    I loved The Wolfman.

    I thought the Friday the 13th reboot from Platinum Dumbs was fun.

    And frankly, I thought including Dawn 04 in the Decade’s top 10 horror movies bordered so much on mentally retarded that it needed its own helmet and drool cup.

    • Jinx

      I too loved The Village and thought the F13 reboot was fun. Also, though I found it to be pretty dammed flawed, I dug the hell out of The Wolfman.

      But ugh, The Happening was terrible.

  • James Coker

    Cinemascribe: Normally I would Crucify you for Loving the Elm Street Remake and Liking Saw V, Village of the Damned and Alien 3 BUT you did throw yourself under the bus with your guilty pleasures along with the staff of DreadCentral and Me so I must say THANK YOU GOOD SIR!

    also Yes I admit the acting in Man-thing was bad but it had a cool monster, Great Atmosphere and good gory kills, when you compare it to other Swamp Monster Movies, its pretty good

    I am not seeing anyone else admiting their Guilty-pleasures that get spit on!

    • Cinemascribe

      Trust me man, under different circumstances I’d heckle you mercilessly for several of your titles, particularly the Dead Hate the Living and Halloween III. But as Creepy wrote so succinctly- one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

    • Vanvance1

      He does deseve at least a single spike though the hands for liking the Elm Street remake.

      P.S. Eaten Alive was good.

  • Cinemascribe

    I’ll heed the call, James Coker. Never let it be said that Cinemascribe isn’t as willing to surrender to the impulses sent to his brain by the lemming DNA swimming inside of him and throw his own sorry ass under the bus when everyone else does.

    Keep in mind that I have a DVD/VHS collection that has grown to well over the 1,000 mark over the course of two decades (the Wal-Mart discount bin in particular has been a friend to me) and I see a lot of movies. I tend to hold my own council about what I like or do not like and ,consequently, often go against the grain. So the law of averages pretty much makes it inevitable that I’d have a list of films I liked that were universally panned.

    Here’s my (not in any regard all inclusive) list of widely hated movies that I champion. I’m going to end it by sharing the one opinion that has forced me to take more shit than another cinematic assessment I have ever laid down…and I’ve had reviews published in print or on-line for over twenty years.

    First off, let’s cover some of the titles mentioned in this awesome article. I loved the Elm Street remake, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Curse of Michael Myers, My Soul to Take and I initially ate up TCM: The Beginning (pun intended) but now just kinda like it.

    Now on to some of the other films I embrace openly with equal parts shame and glee. For the purposes of this post I’ve tried to come up with the titles I still enjoy to this day which have received the most outright, naked hate since the day they arrived.

    Piranha II the Spawning: DON’T JUDGE ME!! No kidding, fucking carnivorous grunions, man. How can you not love this flick?

    Terminator 3. I had fun and I liked Nick Stahl as John Conner more than Edward Furlong, who has always grated on my nerves.

    Man -Thing (good call, Coker) The acting sort of sucks, but as swamp monster flicks go, I kinda dug this one.

    Scream 4 : I dunno, man. I just don’t get the hate. It may not have reinvented the wheel, but Scream 4 was entertaining and even scary at times. Okay, so the Bruce Willis crack was a bad moment, but there was some clever, creepy stuff at play here and the pre-credit and Stab-A-Thon sequences in particular represent some of Craven’s best work.

    John Carpenter’s Village of the Damned. I think this is an underrated gem that manages some great third act suspense while featuring a really solid performance by Christopher Reeve. Plus you have Mark Hamill as a priest.

    John Carpenter’s Ghosts of Mars (apparently I’m something of a Carpenter whore). Yeah,this one really is crap. But it’s fun,gory, goofy crap.

    Mega Piranha. In defiance of all known logic and expectations, The Asylum – the same film company that gave us Monster, a film so slow and unyieldingly bad that I almost scoured my eyes with Ajax after watching it to eradicate even the most remote chance of the residual memory of looking upon it resurfacing- made a movie I can not only stand to watch more than once, but that I actually liked. The moment a fish the size of a tanker hurled itself out of the ocean and into the side of a luxury hotel, Mega Piranha made my personal “best of the year” list.

    Red Water. A fresh water bull shark eats swimmers and terrorizes Lou Diamond Phillips and Coolio in a B movie TV film that I have an inexplicable soft spot for.

    Saw V: One of my favorite entries in the series . I was always a Hoffman guy myself, so seeing him play everyone for fools was a lot of fun for me. Also- and I’m being serious here- this movie has the most bad ass, creepy final shot I have seen in a horror film since the closing scenes of Carpenter’s Halloween.

    And, so this post doesn’t take up any more time and space..here we have the opinion that has caused me more grief than any other in my personal history..or, to put it in perspective, about as much crap as Uncle Creepy received over The Devil Inside.

    …I liked Alien 3 more than I liked Aliens.

    And, fuck me running, I dared to express this opinion the year the film was released in the form of a review published as an installment of my regular column in my college newspaper “The Beachcomber”. Ye gods. had I known the ire I would arouse by being honest in such a (surprisingly) widely read student publication, I might have at least taken my name off of the byline. By the way, it goes without stating that I think the producers cut was an even better film..but yeah,there it is. I thought Alien 3 was a scarier, more entertaining film than Aliens.

    So there you go, cast and crew of DC. I share your pain.

    • Vanvance1

      Scream 4? Really? When it was being made I kept posting messages on DC saying how likely it was to be terrible. It exceeded my expectations. I think it might actually be in the top 3 worst sequels of all time.

    • Terminal

      The NOES remake? That’s just shameful.

  • MonsterMash

    Interesting Article.

  • theGoldenSimatar

    I’m waiting on a $5 or an hour and a half of my life refund. If it wasn’t for Kasch’s glowing review for Texas Chainsaw: The Beginning, would have never have rented it.

    Money or time; I’m not picky.

    • The Buz

      I still have never seen the Prestige because of Kasch. It was between that and TCM The Beginning and I convinced my friends to see TCM citing Kasch’s glowing review. He will NEVER live it down. Ever.

  • Jerel Of The Dead

    I still think The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning was not that bad, but then again I like AvP.

  • The Woman In Black

    Even though it’s not on the list, my ears are still burning from all the disdain for my 5-knife review of Southland Tales. Talk about loving a movie that just about everyone else hated! But I still stand by it — and anxiously await the next thing from Richard Kelly even if The Box was a huge disappointment.

    • Uncle Creepy

      Oops! Forgot about that one! LOL

    • Masked Slasher

      You mean zero knives for that, right?



    • Terminal

      I just can’t believe you praised that film so much. It was torturous to sit through.

    • The Buz

      I’m right there with you Debbie. I’d give it the same. A beautiful mess of a film.

  • Masked Slasher

    I will defend my review of HALLOWEEN 6.

    Perhaps, however, I was a bit too easy on THE WOLFMAN. I can dig the flick, but my initial enthusiasm has waned.

    I totally missed Kasch’s review of TCM: THE BEGINNING, however. That is some funny shit. Oddly, though, I think that’s easily the best of Platinum Dunes films. It’s forgettable, but it’s closer in spirit to Tobe Hooper’s flicks and I appreciate that.

    • Uncle Creepy

      I’m one of the few who favors the theatrical cut, even though it’s a fucking mess, over the producer’s cut. Something about stopping Michael by tossing rocks on the floor and saying SAMHAIN never sat right with me.

      • Masked Slasher

        Me too.

        Only thing I really like about the Producer’s Cut are all the extra Loomis scenes … like him fighting with the local police. Someday I’d like to make my own edit by cobbling both versions together.

      • Shambling_in_Bandages

        “Something about stopping Michael by tossing rocks on the floor and saying SAMHAIN never sat right with me.”

        I really never had much of a problem with that, to be honest. You’ve got a crazy guy who believes the runes will work, you’ve got a killer who’s been raised in isolation by the crazy guy and his minions, so he also believes the runes will work. It’s all psychosomatic. The runes ‘work’ because both guys believe they’ll work. It doesn’t mean they actually work.

        Or, you know, it’s all supernatural magic an’ shit. Like Michael Myers.

  • LSD Zombie

    LOL! Kudos to you guys for being able to make fun of yourselves! Every critic has their fair share of films that only they and a minority of film goers can appreciate.

    Speaking of Gingerdead Man, I gotta back Foy’s rating of Saturday Night Cleaver. I haven’t laughed that hard in a loooong time!

  • Uncle Creepy

    I have to say, that for whatever reason, I had a great time writing this. Sometimes people take themselves so very seriously, it was a blast to look back at some of our more crazy moments.

  • James Coker

    and we all Love giving you guys shit for it 🙂 but Honestly I love how most of you guys (cough,Kasch) stick by the horror films that you like but everyone else hates. I admit I actually enjoyed Tamara, The GingerdeadMan, Halloween 6 Curse of Micheal Myers(producers Cut) The Wolfman Remake and Moon, though I cant wrap my head around why Heather Wixson likes the Nightmare Remake.
    Also some Horror Films I really Liked but Everyone else hates and spits one
    Jason Goes to Hell
    Black Christmas Remake
    Dead Clowns
    Halloween 3 Season of the Witch
    Dead Silence
    Dead Hate the Living

    C’mon everyone on the Dreadcentral Comments! give us your lists too! dont make me the only martyr LOL

    • nazo

      I know I’m going to get flamed for this, but I had more fun watching Jason Goes To Hell than the original Friday the 13th.