A Necessary Death Takes Place on DVD

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In 2008 a young director by the name of Daniel Stamm introduced a truly shocking little film onto the festival circuit. So controversial was the movie that Stamm was nearly lynched in Kosovo after screening a rough cut of it at a festival there. Eventually the buzz around A Necessary Death led the filmmaker to his biggest gig, The Last Exorcism.

Deemed too odd to market by most distributors, the flick quietly hit DVD via MPI home video last Tuesday and if you haven’t seen it, you should really give it a look as calling it unique is a bit of an understatement. A Necessary Death stars Matthew Tilley and G.J. Echternkamp. Check out the artwork and a trailer below.

Film student Gilbert (GJ Echternkamp) has a novel idea for his final thesis project — find someone who wants to kill themselves and follow them through the final days of their life. Gilbert posts a message on the internet looking for a suitable subject, and after interviewing a handful of people with various reasons for taking their life, he chooses a British expatriate (Matt Tilley) who is slowly dying of an inoperable brain tumor. Assured that his subject will actually commit suicide on film, Gilbert believes he has found the perfect candidate to explore the nature of the act objectively. But as filming goes on, it soon becomes apparent that the creative process is impacting the man’s road towards death, and before long Gilbert and his crew become more involved than they ever wanted to be.

A Necessary Death Takes Place on DVD

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • izzylala

    watching ‘A necessary death’ for me was “Is this real” can someone actually have the audacity to film such a controversy subject that for some of us have known someone, have tried, or have thought of it, who may see this film and feel mocked or what have you, but in the beginning, as I’m trying to find something that would keep me from turning away, but this film captures your whole interest and some how puts you in a state of fighting for the life when at times you don’t even fight for your own, and then accepting that if they filmed it or not he was going to die. As the film continues it puts emotional anger because do to the fact that the film became more about the grade and the money verse the reason, but the twist at the end shocked me and I for one concluded that camera man new the twist and that it was going to be a murder suicide, not just suicide….