Eli Roth’s Green Inferno Cooking Up Some Cannibal Action!

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Eli Roth's Green Inferno Cooking Up Some Cannibal Action!Some new details have surfaced for Eli Roth’s directorial follow-up to the Hostel franchise, The Green Inferno, and it sounds like we’re in for a tale featuring some good old fashioned jungle cannibal induced mayhem!

According to Variety, the flick is inspired by Italian mondo films like Ruggero Deodato’s notorious 1980 Cannibal Holocaust and Antonio Climati’s 1988 Natura contro (also known as The Green Inferno and Cannibal Holocaust II). The Green Inferno follows an idealistic student and a group of naive do-gooders who are captured by cannibalistic Indios after their plane crash lands in the Peruvian jungle. Exclusive Media is handling international sales.

Production is set to begin in autumn in Peru and Chile. Roth co-wrote the screenplay with Aftershock co-writer Guillermo Amoedo from an original story by Roth. Roth recently directed the pilot episode of Netflix’s “Hemlock Grove.”

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  • James Coker

    . . . Thank You KiddCapone 🙂 and Thank You Vanvance1 🙂 Ill definitly try to make my films different and try to be unpredictable (i always say to myself Ill make the slut live and the brunette virgin girl be the first to die), Ill see about making them original although there are quite alot of “love-Letter” horror films I want to make particularly love letters to Lucio Fulci, Tales from the Crypt and William Castle. but also Remember the big rule, make the film I want to make
    Thanks Guys

  • nazo

    Another director with some potential is Gregg Bishop. I really enjoyed both Dance Of The Dead and The Other Side. Neither movie is a masterpiece, but both are very good for what they are.

  • James Coker

    Vanvance 1 THANK YOU! I thought I was the only one here you actually liked Eli Roth and Adam Green Films, now I don’t feel so singled out 🙂

    and second I am trying to be a horror filmmaker myself ( a few shorts under my belt) and all this hate for filmmakers who make the movie they want to make is really getting me worried

    PLEASE! KiddCapone and Terminal please tell me what a slowly budding horror filmmaker should be doing nowadays? (ill take this as constructive as I can)

    • Vanvance1

      What you should do is love the genre and try to bring your own flavour to your productions. When you spend all your time trying to please others you wind up with a watered down, tame and predictable film (i.e. most every Hollywood movie).

      Do you what you love and your audience will find you.

      • Terminal

        Actually Vanvance is right. Make the movies YOU want to make. Fuck everyone else.

    • kiddcapone

      I think what all filmmakers should do is be original and true to yourself. If your heart isn’t 100% into your creation and you are more interested in compromising your vision to appeal to the largest audience, then don’t even bother.

      Watch as many films of the genre that you plan on making your niche, and write down all the shit you can’t stand. Stereotypical characters, loud jump scares, twist ending, clichés, etc. Also write down the things you like but can improve on. Then do your best to avoid the negatives while focusing on the positives. Remove predictability to keep the viewer on their toes. Kill characters that don’t usually die. Make asshole characters occasionally survive. Have characters make real-life decisions, don’t always walk into the dark basement alone or wander off into the woods at 3am. Imagine kills you’ve never seen before and work them into the story. Don’t underestimate the power of being subtle. Just make sure the finale is worth the time the audience has invested into the film. It doesn’t need to be spectacular, just complete the storyline in a way that satisfies.

  • James Coker

    nazo: youre right . . . what did happen to Maurice Devereaux? I didn’t see Slashers but I did see End of the Line and it was as you say “FANTASTIC”

  • kiddcapone

    Honestly, I don’t know how anyone can be 100% positive when being a die-hard horror fan. The ratio might be 2 for every 10 horror films are well made, probably less. The horror genre is easily the cheapest easy-to-make films possible. It’s usually the same old tired rehashed garbage storyline with shitty stereotypical actors and a body count.

    Everything Eli Roth has done to date appears to be some *wink wink* inside joke for his personal friends. Hey look, I just cast myself again to play a jerk. Hey, I’m all for humor, but his sense of humor is juvenile and uber-lame. It would be like Kevin Smith directing horror films and putting stoner Jay in everything he did while pretending he’s a legit horror director that should be taken seriously.

    I guarantee, The Green Inferno will be another tongue-in-cheek cheesy hybrid horror film with over-the-top torture porn gore strictly for shock value only and laughable lame stoner characters acting 100% unrealistic worthy of audience eye-rolling fits. And I’m sure Roth will stick his bushy eyebrow horrible acting self in there somewhere again…Anyone want to bet ??

    • Terminal

      He’s been hanging on the coat tails of Tarantino for years, of course he’s going to appear at some point.

  • James Coker

    and once again I am the only positive, hopeful horror fan on the dreadcentral comment boards who is singled out again, WOOOOO

  • kiddcapone

    I’ll take a dump on Eli Roth…I don’t get why anyone could be excited for anything directed by Eli Roth. The guy has directly exactly 3 movies in the last decade – Cabin Fever, Hostel, and Hostel 2, and none of those are particularly good. They were okay at best. For every scene he gets right, he fucks up 3 more. I still don’t get the whole fucking pancakes kid. Sweet jesus that was stupid.

    I grew up during the era of great horror directors, (Carpenter, early Craven, Hooper, Argento, Coscarelli, Gordon) so every time I hear people try to anoint the next great horror director, I scrutinize them because they have big shoes to fill.

    So far, the big 3 newcomers, Eli Roth, Adam Green, and Ti West, have failed to impress me in the least. If this is the future of horror, we’re fucked. I won’t even mention Rob Zombie…

    • Terminal

      I am in disbelief that these people are lumped together with a name like The Splat Pack. Splat Pack my fucking ass. They’re nothing.

    • nazo

      Speaking of new(er) horror directors, whatever happened to Maurice Devereaux? Slashers was way better than it should have been, and End Of The Line was fantastic. Of course, that means he hasn’t directed anything in the past 5 years.

      Also, I still haven’t seen the Hatchet movies, but Frozen and Spiral are good movies, and “his” section of Chillerama was by far the best, so I don’t get the Adam Green hate.

      • kiddcapone

        Slashers will forever be in my top 10 worst movies of all-time sitting in such company as The Convent, The St Francisville Experiment, and The Dead Hate the Living…

        I’m not an Adam Green hater, I’m just saying I’m not impressed. I want to see a legit horror film. The Hatchet movies should be fun but they are sooooooo over-the-top cheesy slapstick that I just can’t bring myself to enjoy them. And this is coming from a guy who loves Dead/Alive!!! Victor Crowley isn’t interesting, the character-less stock victims are cardboard cutouts, and kills are laughable cartoonish jokes. It just doesn’t work for me…

        • nazo

          I’m curious, why do you hate Slashers so much?

          • kiddcapone

            Nazo, I’m not sure if you’re a member or if it’s still posted, but I did a full review of Slashers on Bloody-Disgusting a long time ago. It’s been over 10 years since I watched it and I’ve also been drinking vodka tonight, so my memory is fuzzy right now. Not to mention I’ve tried my best to not remember anything about it. But I’ll try…

            First, I’ll say, I thought the CONCEPT behind the movie was great. But, it failed miserably. The lead up to the show was too long and ridiculous. Even by faux Japanese game show standards, it was horrible. The acting was sooooo bad, it was embarrassing. The screaming/crying was like nails on a chalkboard. It was like they picked out the least talented improv actors who weren’t busy that day and they got cast by default. The slashers were cheesy and not scary or menacing. The gore was amateurish. The contestants were stereotypical pieces of shit. The movie wasn’t scary. It wasn’t even slightly suspenseful. The sets looked like 2 dollar unsold Spencer’s Gifts Halloween props and the “thick” walls looked like they were made of construction paper or paper-mâché. The slashers, who were supposed to be very skilled fan favorites, all died WAYYYYYY too easy. The bullshit like freezing for commercial breaks was fucking corny. And the twist ending SUCKED ASS. If it was written by a 6th grader it would have been better.

            The entire production value of Slashers is less than a homemade flick shot in your own garage on a cell phone camera. It’s 100% garbage.

            Any other questions?

          • nazo

            I found the review using google! I actually agree with almost all of it, the acting is horrible, and the movie looks really cheap. But for me, and I have no idea why we reacted so differently, it’s cheesy in a fun, endearing way, not an irritating way, and the concept and script make up for the rest. I also didn’t mind the twist ending, although the execution was a bit spotty.

        • Terminal

          kiddcapone is dead on about Adam Green.

    • Vanvance1

      You’re looking at the wrong names. The big two new talents right now are Neil Marshall and Christopher Smith.

      Also, I’ve enjoyed all of Roth’s efforts as they put entertainment in the forefront. Adam Green has entertained with Hatchet 1 and 2 and Ti West isn’t quite there yet, but he’s making an effort to make intelligent horror as opposed to the generic junk you’re so unhappy with.

      Rob Zombie is a weak one trick pony whose movies get worse as his career goes on.

      • kiddcapone

        I’m glad you mentioned Neil Marshall, because he’s the only one who has directed two legit horror films, Dog Soldiers and The Descent, that were both amazing and memorable. I’ve only seen Triangle from Smith, and while it was okay, it was nothing to warrant the label of “new talent” (imo).

        If anything, I’d put Brad Anderson ahead of Smith in terms of potential. Session 9 was great and then he disappeared to direct tv shows for some bizarre reason.

        Roth and Green are only entertaining if you’re in your teens or early 20’s.

        And I’m not quite sure why Ti West keeps getting lumped into the “intelligent horror” category. He bores the audience with 70 minutes of slow-burn nothingness in each film, and then ends it with some throwback cheesy anti-climatic ending that isn’t worth the run-time leading up to it. What the fuck is so smart about that? He lingers on a shot for what feels like forever, then…a door shuts. Wow. That’s Einstein shit right there…

        • Terminal

          I agree kiddcapone. So far Marshall’s horror efforts have been wonderful. The Descent was a masterpiece and Dog Soldiers was a fantastic John Carpenter-like horror actioner. I even enjoyed Doomsday, and Centurion.

          Smith made a doozy with “Triangle” which I thought was fantastic, personally.

          I don’t get the Ti West love either. Granted he’s not untalented, just nothing special at all.

        • Vanvance1

          Triangle was great; so was Black Death, Creep and to a lesser degree, Severance. Christopher Smith is truly the most underrated director working in our genre today.

          I admit my only defense for West is that he’s doing his own thing. I hope he gets less pretentious and works on his pacing. I think there’s talent there.

          It’s odd you laud Brad Anderson as aside from Session 9 his films have been very dull, more so than West’s. Transsiberian is the poster child for boring.

          Roth’s films are fun for me and I’m long out of my twenties. The direction is snappy and visceral. Cabin Fever was good low budget fun and the Hostel films were well written and fairly original. He’s a rabid self-promoter and that can come across as irritating, but the movies themselves are good.

          The Hatchet films are light fun. I don’t think Green is the second coming and unlike reviewers on DC I thought Frozen was largely forgettable. The first Hatchet was well paced and amusing, the second was entertaining but could have been better… However the slasher sub-genre isn’t known for it’s originality and it was a better than average entry in it.

          • Terminal

            “Fairly original.” Dear god, I have to wrap my head around that. “Hostel was homophobic torture porn, and “Cabin Fever” was mind numbing crap and just a pastiche of Roth’s favorite scenes in horror movies. If I ever meet Roth one day I’m going to ask for my ten bucks back I spent in theaters.

            Victor Crowley is one of the most boring horror characters ever conceived.

          • Vanvance1

            What the hell? How did the liberal bullshit word ‘homophobic’ even get into this conversation? As for ‘torture porn’, I’ve always taken exception to this stupid nomenclature. Every true horror fan has seens films far more visually graphic and unsettling than Hostel. There is nothing ponographic about the film and the torture is only upsetting to little girls and people who believe the word ‘homophobic’ is anything other than a manipulative tool of a special interest group.

          • Terminal

            Adorable rant, vanvance. You know who believes homophobe is a liberal bullshit word? The homophobes and right wingers! Do you think there’s a war on christmas too? Ugh. I’ll ignore this response because it’s just plain hysterical.

            Eli Roth is a homophobic little bitch and Hostel is pure unadulterated torture porn. Don’t worry, he’ll still invite you in to his club house if I bad mouth him.

      • Terminal

        Roth doesn’t put entertainment in the forefront. He puts self-indulgence in the forefont, and Roth’s films are only entertaining if you’re on acid and are old enough to still have a trapper keeper. He’s another director more interested in patting himself on the back for knowing someone like Takashe Miike rather than making a watchable movie.

        As for Adam Green, please define entertained for me because you’re using that word quite fast and loose. Hatchet 1 and 2 are generic slashers with yet another director saying to the audience “Look how many people I know as I stuff them in the background!”

        Ti West makes intelligent horror? Since when? “The Roost” was about as simplistic a horror movie as you can get, I thought that was the point. And “The House of the Devil” is a fine horror film, but more a throwback and not exactly cerebral. And Cabin Fever 2. Need I say more?

        Yes I know: “But Cabin Fever 2 wasn’t his fault!” Kind of telling that they finished the film without him.

        Neil Marshall is aces with me.

      • nazo

        I need to rewatch The Descent and Dog Soldiers, because for whatever reason, I saw both of them late at night when I was half asleep, and I don’t remember them that well.

        I don’t get the praise for Chris Smith. I was very disappointed by Severance and Black Death. My biggest problem with both movies was that I couldn’t stand any of the characters, and by the hour mark was hoping they would all die quickly.

  • James Coker

    guys c’mon we all know its not far from a original idea but when have we seen a jungle cannibal movie in theaters huh? I never have so I am welcoming this one with open arms and who better to do it then Eli Roth, a guy who clearly has a big love for Cannibal Holocaust . . . and expect a comment from Terminal about his undying hate for Eli Roth in 3, 2 , 1 . . .

    • Terminal

      I don’t perform on command, philistine.

  • DavidFullam

    Highly original movie idea there.

  • Terminal

    So basically a Cannibal holocaust rip off.