Sanchez, Eduardo (Altered) Audio

So whatever did happen to those guys who made The Blair Witch Project? To horror fans without their ears to the grindstone (as it were) like us, they may have seen the duo responsible for the groundbreaking film, Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick, as one-trick ponies, two guys with one really good idea and not much else.

But the reality could not be any further from that if you tried. Both have been working hard on their own movies, but Sanchez’s film, Altered, seems to have suffered the worst so far. Originally scooped up by Universal, who promised a theatrical release under their Rogue division, the banner responsible for putting both Shaun of the Dead (good) and The Return (bad) in theaters, the studio decided to take the much safer route and throw it onto an un-publicized direct-to-DVD release.

The whole story is a bit sad, very frustrating, and more than a little insane, so we thought we should go to the source to have it told the way it happened. With Altered now out on DVD (check our very positive review of it right here), Sanchez took the time to chat with me recently to discuss the long, strange trip that resulted from just trying to make a badass monster movie.

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Jon Condit